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AEW ‘Revolution’ review: Do we have a new contender for worst wrestling PPV of all-time?

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Christian Cage is the huge signing? Seriously? A guy who was hyped a few weeks ago for making a half-decent comeback appearance at the Royal Rumble?

OK, we get it. He’s Edge’s best friend and podcast co-host. And Edge is main-eventing WrestleMania, until he isn’t, which with WWE is any week now.

If you’re AEW, you can’t hype, huge signing, and then give us Christian Cage.

You can’t hype big surprise guy in a ladder match, and give us Ethan Page.

I still don’t know who Ethan Page is, and frankly, don’t care.

The ending to the “Revolution” pay-per-view, the embarrassing “explosion,” I want my money back, frankly, though, no, I don’t.

Keep it.

The Kenny Omega-Jon Moxley match that main-evented the show lived up to the hype.

Seriously, good stuff, despite the dumb gimmick.

An exploding barbed wire death match is a dumb gimmick.

When you have guys like Omega and Moxley, you don’t need dumb gimmicks. Just let them work.

They worked their asses off to make this one presentable.

Tony Khan is the recently anointed Wrestling Observer Booker of the Year.

All due respect to Khan, but you booked a gimmick blow-off match, and then had it decided on a run-in, with the Good Brothers intervening to help your champ retain.

This wouldn’t work on a weekly free TV show.

You had me pay $49.99 for this?

And then the actual pay-off was Eddie Kingston coming down to the ring to protect Moxley from the exploding ring, only the exploding ring was a few sparklers?

So, you had me pay $49.99 to set up a bromance?

I feel for you, bruddah.


The cinema match with Sting: awful.

The women’s match on the main show: 15 minutes of my life that I won’t get back.

The ladder match with that Ethan Page guy that I didn’t know existed before tonight: zzzzzzz.

The only match worth a crap was the opener, between the Young Bucks and the Inner Circle.

Had me thinking, wow, big fight night.

It was not to be.

I had looked forward to this show more than any in the past few years.

Never been more disappointed at a wrestling show in my memory.

I feel bad that people took bumps for this.

Christian Cage is supposed to get me excited when this is over?

You totally misjudged what wrestling fans in 2021 want when they plunk down their hard-earned.

Spoiler alert: it’s not a guy who was kinda over 15 years ago before he went on the shelf.

They don’t want to be sold something big that doesn’t come anywhere near delivering.

I’ve been proselytizing my friends for months on AEW as the next big thing.

This is my apology to them – for having misled them.

I’m back to square one with the AEW product.

Convince me that you’re worth me watching your free weekly show.

There’s other stuff for me to watch. Test patterns, for example.

Story by Chris Graham

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