Advocacy group to highlight need for mental health care funding

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Virginia Organizing will hold an event on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. outside of Sixth District Congressman Ben Cline’s local office in Staunton to call on Congress to expand funding for health care, specifically mental health care.

Service providers, members of affected communities, and elected officials will speak about the urgent need to increase funding for mental health care services in the Valley and all across Virginia.

“When I was referred to mental health services at the Community Services Board, I had to wait six months to see a provider,” said Andrea Jackson, a member of the Waynesboro chapter of Virginia Organizing. “We need the biggest reconciliation package as possible and for it to include funding for expanded health care and mental health care access and coverage so people do not have to go without services like I did.”

The Build Back Better plan will make health care more affordable while making the rich and corporations pay their fair share. Making health care affordable is at the heart of this historic proposal – that’s why groups backed by the pharmaceutical industry are spending so much money to try to kill it. This bill is about every single lawmaker making a choice: to make health care more affordable and accessible for millions of people, or to support wealthy pharma and insurance corporations who are price-gouging us while getting big tax breaks.

“Mental health services are critical for ensuring the well-being of our community. For too long, Virginia’s mental health infrastructure has languished without adequate funding, and as a result, many of our most vulnerable community members have suffered without access to critical services.” said Nick Phillips, Harrisonburg chapter member. “We call on Congress to support the biggest Build Back Better Plan possible and ensure that Virginia’s mental health hospitals receive the funding they so desperately need.”

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