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No matter what stage a business is at, keeping costs low is a constant and pressing concern. Combined with the issue of time constraints, this can cause us to overlook many opportunities that, properly leveraged, could pay off significant dividends in the long-run. Advertising is one such opportunity, where the effort and cost involved can stop a business from trying before the idea is properly considered.

What many business operators overlook, is that modern advertising can be not only simple but effectively free. Even with minimal integration of these advertising methods, it can be possible to generate immense interest, goodwill, and positive financial outcomes. The only real question is where is the best place to start?

Leaning on Exiting Infrastructure

A major advantage of living in the developed age of the internet comes from the ability to work with that which already exists. No matter what industry your business works with, there is a likely chance that greater groups looking at this industry are everywhere. Take, for example, websites like This website is built around comparing the different subsets of online casino games and offerings within this sector. In this case, it collects information from websites that offer live casinos and measures them against each other in terms of bonuses like free spins and deposit bonuses. While not directly involved with the industry themselves, this indirect involvement aids in the popularity of both their pages and the involved casinos.

Such a route can be similarly useful for many other businesses, and for free. Another example is the popular site idealo which offers price comparions across a range of products as well as companies. Their homepage,, allows you to filter by category consumers are able to easily access the deals they are looking for.

Spend the time to search out different review and comparison websites within your industry, and message the staff to ask about your possible inclusion. This is not only usually free, but it can also give you ideas to add to your business in the long and short-term.

Turning to Social Media

The other primary avenue which can generate immense interest at a low cost comes from the generation of your own social media pages. As a base level, a simple listing on Facebook is a good start, but pulling in a wider audience will generally require a larger, though still cheap, effort.

Looking at other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter means taking into account your business and industry as a whole, and what might interest the customers. Demographic information like that at can be helpful in this regard. The more popular ideas here commonly include:

  • Time-lapse videos of projects from start to completion
  • Examples of completed works
  • High-quality or otherwise stand-out products
  • Live Q&A sessions with staff
  • Edited walkthrough of typical daily activities

There is an enormous potential range to work with via social media, and while some of these avenues might require some initial setup, they can also remain evergreen elements of your online identity. Online tutorials can be immensely helpful in this regard, as with the time-lapse phone article found at

Keeping Updated

One of the issues we’ve seen raised time and again with online advertising integration comes from people’s willingness to compare themselves to others. Some established businesses might have years of work behind them, which can make your efforts seem like pitting David against Goliath. The key is to understand that all it takes to eventually build your own legacy is not an enormous campaign, but rather a series of small and consistent efforts.

Taking 15 minutes at the end of a day, or an hour at the end of the week will start to quickly add up. There might be some learning curves to begin with, but these are quickly overcome, even for the most technophobic among us. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking to start something new, consider these options, and you might be surprised at just how significant a difference they can make.

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