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Advantages of paying with Bitcoin

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Most platforms across the World are gradually embracing Bitcoin payments. The spike in demand for Bitcoin is attributed to high safety features associated with Blockchain technology.

If you are still stuck on the old transaction methods, then it’s high time you try out crypto payments.

So, what are some of the advantages of using Bitcoin as a form of payment? Let’s dive into the details.

Safety feature

The safety of online transactions remains one of the main concerns among most individuals across the World. With most sectors and developers working hand in hand to strengthen online transactions’ security, good results are yet to be realized. This is why the advent of blockchain technology is a major milestone in guaranteeing the safety of data on online platforms.

Besides safety of data, users can safely transfer huge transactions to various parties without worrying about their money’s safety.

Low transaction fees

Unlike other money transfer methods, among them PayPal, credit card, and others that attract high transaction fees, Bitcoin users incur low transaction fees. Though the fees vary from one payment method to another, Fee charged in Bitcoin transactions is as low as 1% of the total value. This is contrary to other online money transfer platforms charging up to 3% for transactions.

Privacy and anonymity

Contrary to fiat currencies which require owners to either access the funds via online platforms or visiting physical bank locations, Bitcoin transactions are highly secured through the anonymity aspect.

In using fiat currencies, private authorities can easily track all your financial records. This puts you at liberty of exposing your financial details to strangers.

On the contrary, Bitcoin technology allows users to secure their online transactions from the public. Though it may be easy to track bitcoin transaction history, it is impossible to track down the users.

The easier and faster international transfer process

Unlike traditional currencies with standard transfer fees applying for both international and local money transfers, Bitcoin transactions have a standard transaction fee regardless of the location.

In using credit cards, users are subjected to various transaction fees that vary depending on where the money is supposed to be transferred.

Money transfers are as high as 155 of the total value, while ATMs cost users as high as 3% of the total transaction. However, with the growing popularity of Bitcoin, cross border transactions can easily be conducted without delays.

High value

Bitcoin operates in a tightly controlled environment. The inadequate supply has managed to sustain the value of Bitcoin for the longest period. This has  really helped increase demand and sustains the high value of virtual currency. However, the decentralized nature and high liquidity make it an appealing currency.

Acceptable mode of payment

Several merchants across the World are gradually accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Various companies, among them, allow merchants to purchase various items using Bitcoin as a mode of payment. If you are determined to shift from using traditional currencies, Bitcoin is ideal for you. The mainstream acceptance of bitcoin on several platforms is a great stride in promoting the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment.


Just like standard currencies, scarcity is ideal for controlling the value of Bitcoins in the market. With a total number of Bitcoins across the World capped at 21 million, it is no doubt that the value of Bitcoin will continue to go up over the years. This is a key milestone in sustaining high value compared to fiat currencies. Over time,the scarcity is likely to put bitcoin on higher scales like gold and other precious metals.

Contrary to traditional currencies, which can easily be printed and regulated by a central bank, Bitcoins have strict mining guidelines that ensure only a few are injected into supply. The more scarce the number of Bitcoins in the market, the higher the chances of increasing in value.


Bitcoin payments have become a common trend on several platforms across the World. If you find yourself concerned about your data or income’s safety, then diving into the Bitcoin ecosystem offers you a perfect payment alternative. You are guaranteed not only the security of your hard-earned money but also enjoy seamless transaction options at bitcoin evolution. Further, Bitcoin transactions save you high transaction fees imposed by other modes of payment.

Story by Patrick Lee

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