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Add a touch of elegance to your home with elevated dog bowls

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For pets, you can probably effortlessly count the number of homes without them. Whether a dog or any other, they add to a home’s warmth. But when it comes to feeding bowls, several factors come into play.

Will you stick to the traditional feeding bowls or embrace technology that has brought elevated bowls with it? Although there is divided opinion on the benefits of elevated bowls to dogs, there is little talk of how these bowls can add to your home’s beauty. Nevertheless, there is consensus on using elevated dog bowls for messy and unpredictable dogs.

Here is how the trend is evolving and how it can help in adding elegance to your home

They are more permanent than the regular bowls.

Many people only know of the ground-sitting dog bowls. However, a new set of bowls come with a raised stand adding a stylish fashion to your home.

Due to the elevation, it makes it look like other house decorations. Its relatively permanent nature prevents your dog from carrying it around and making the house dirty. Further, if you’ve several dogs, a certain beauty is created when they eat at the same corner and each from its bowl.

Thus, these elevated bowls are ideal for adding beauty and elegance to your home.

They come in different colors and designs

Although the bowls are not made as house decorations, a little creativity and combination can help add a touch of elegance. The bowls are of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and you can choose bowls that are similar to other house items, paint, and decorations.

A perfect choice of a feeding bowl will add to a home’s beauty.

You can arrange the bowls differently according to the available space

An elevated dog bowl provides you with different setup options. Depending on your kitchen plan, you can set up the bowls in a way that complements the space. You can set the bowls differently and change them at will to provide that ‘wow’ effect that everyone will love.

You can opt for hidden bowls, floating plans, or a built-in desk design.

Stainless steel material

Most dog bowls’ material is stainless steel. The material offers you easy cleaning and is also ‘friendly’ to a pet’s mouth. Another ideal material is ceramic, and it comes with different types of coatings.

All these materials are friendly to your house and provide an extra layer of beauty to your home.

Height adjustability

Some elevated bowls are adjustable. The feature is crucial, especially if you have different dog sizes.

The raising and lowering of the heights add some design to your house. Therefore, if you can get the adjustable ones, you can raise them when the dog is not feeding, creating more beauty in your living space.


Technology has brought in a new dimension in dog feeding bowls. The elevated bowls come in different shapes, colors, and materials, and you can utilize them to complement your space’s decor. Besides considering your dog’s comfort when purchasing the elevated bowl, incorporate your house’s interior and how these two can complement each other.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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