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Ad campaign thanks Perriello for vote on health care

Edited by Chris Graham

An ad and robocall campaign is being launched by Catholics United to thank Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello for his yes vote on health-care reform.

“By his vote for health care reform, Congressman Perriello has shown that he is fighting for the interests of working Americans, not the interests of corporate lobbyists,” said Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United. “We wholeheartedly thank Congressman Perriello for doing what is right for Virginia’s families, and we condemn the violence and intimidation that has apparently been perpetrated by some opponents of health care reform.”

The move by Catholics United comes as a new Gallup poll shows the public is warming to Congress’ decision, despite a wave of threats and attacks against members of Congress who voted for the bill, including Congressman Perriello and his family.

The ad, which will run in heavy rotation on Fox News through April 1, cites several provisions of health-care reform that will honor human life and benefit all Virginians, including prohibitions on denial of care for pre-existing conditions, and support for vulnerable pregnant women.

Similar ads will also be running in the districts of John Boccieri, Chris Carney, and Brad Ellsworth.