Action Refund: What’s the secret to their success?

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Action Refund is a chargeback company, but not just any chargeback company. They are among the most successful out there and are on pace to have their most successful year yet in terms of clients helped and total funds recovered. So what is it that this company does to maintain its high success rate over the years?

Action Refund’s professional team

Their clientele consists of victims from all types of online scams. The way these scams operate, the countries they are located in, and how they hide their identities vary between individual scam operations. In order to help victims of any online scams,

Action Refund has built up a team of multidisciplinary experts from a variety of different fields. Working together and combining their knowledge, the members of Action Refund’s team get more refunds for more people than other chargeback companies.

Banking experts

A large part of the team consists of experts within the field of banking. These are people with insider knowledge, having come over from various positions within the banking industry. Their expertise is critical to putting through chargebacks successfully.

The chargeback system is in place to allow consumers to fight back against fraudulent charges. However, the system can also be abused by scammers trying to refund legitimate charges. To maintain the balance between protecting consumers and companies, banks have strict standards for successful chargebacks.

Filing a chargeback requires specific information to show that a scam has taken place. The team’s banking experts understand the process and know just what banks are looking for. They ensure that more chargebacks are successful by meeting the bank’s standards on every claim they file.

The banking experts determine what evidence is necessary for each case. This typically includes either bank or credit card statements showing the scam transactions. It can also require copies of emails or other messages between victims and scammers.

Many online scams are fake investment brokerages. In these cases, transaction logs from within their platforms will be very helpful. Insider banking expertise also lets Action Refund implement the correct procedures when establishing a reasonable effort to resolve the case with the scammers directly.

Cybersecurity experts

Cybersecurity experts play another critical role within their chargeback process. They provide technical and investigative support when proceeding with cases against scammers. Online scams are usually operated anonymously or with fake contact and location information.

The cybersecurity expertise allows Action Refund to uncover the actual location of the scammers. They also use this to find some factual contact information rather than the fakes listed on their website. Finding this information is critical and identifying the other party makes a chargeback more likely to succeed.

Banks need to know that the victim at least asked for the funds to be returned beforehand for any chargeback. Action Refund provides the bank with that confirmation, and their cybersecurity experts provide evidence that the uncovered contact information is legitimate.

Financial law experts

Online investment scams claim to offer their victims the chance to invest in real assets that are heavily regulated. Financial law experts understand the regulatory framework around brokerages and can use that knowledge to apply pressure and take action against scammers.

In most countries, brokerages must register with a regulatory body. If a registered brokerage defrauds its clients, the regulatory body has significant power to remedy the situation and impose punishments. However, many scam brokerages are unregistered and not in the country they claim to be.

Financial law experts help the team decipher the complex international laws that regulate overseas payments. Both scammers and victims can be found in any country across the globe, so a thorough understanding of global financial law is critical for ensuring success in as many cases as possible.

How these experts come together as a cohesive team

These experts are all pieces of the puzzle that leads to Action Refund helping thousands of victims get their money back. Their unique skills complement each other in a way that leads to the optimal chance for chargeback success.

The first point is the initial free consultation. The potential client divulges the details of their case. Based on this, the expert team can determine if the case has a good chance of success. Based on the sums involved, payment methods, scammer and victim countries, and the amount of evidence, they decided whether or not they can proceed.

Based on criteria from their banking experts, Action Refund gathers specific evidence from the client. At this point, their cybersecurity experts begin to verify the actual locations of the scammers, and the financial law experts determine the ramifications in those jurisdictions.

Action Refund reaches out to the scammers and puts their financial law and cybersecurity expertise to use, pressuring the scammers to supply a refund. If they do, the case is resolved. If not, this provides the evidence necessary for a successful chargeback.

Finally, the banking experts correctly file the chargeback with appropriate paperwork. After some processing time, the victims receive a refund for the scam transactions.

Clients get results with Action Refund

Knowledge and experience give the team at Action Refund an edge over their competition. They deliver reliable service through their representatives and have made a straightforward process for their clients. For any online scam victims out there, trying out their free consultation is well worth your time.

Story by Aleks Souschuk

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