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Achieving digital safety for your business

Current Risks

While individual users can suffer from a large spectrum of negative consequences, it is businesses that are normally regarded as much juicier targets by hackers. These have normally access to valuable resources such as financial credentials from lots of clients and other relevant information with regard to their preferences but also generic info like contact details, etc. (depending on the nature of the business, it can hold a lot of other sensitive information related to clients).

Online casinos are good examples of business for which securing client information is of utmost importance. Casino reviewers like the one found at this source link pay great attention to safety and privacy features whenever performing an in-depth analysis of this market segment (for issuing recommendations).

This is done for a set of reasons that tend to be universally valid for many other businesses:

  • stealing financial credentials from the company can lead to financial fraud affecting the clients;
  • stealing other kinds of information can compromise the privacy of the clients, can lead to blackmailing or exploitation of the client’s weakness for profit, etc.;
  • even internal details with regard to the structure/strategy/plans of the organization; technological developments, and know-how or potential business tricks can be a highly valuable resource given that the competition can exploit all these to gain an advantage on the market.

Comprehensive Safety Measures

Below is a fairly comprehensive but not exhaustive list of what you can do to secure your business:

  • use the appropriate digital security tools, like antiviruses, firewalls, that monitor/filter your online traffic and everything happening on your computing devices for any active known threats;
  • consider setting up a VPN network or use specialized VPN software that would help you ensure online privacy and higher safety standards;
  • think about security at infrastructure level. For instance, it is a good idea to store backup data on separate devices isolated from the network and from other potential threats as well as having multiple backups. The architecture of your network should also be dictated by safety rules;
  • train your employees to use safe practices. This could include prohibiting flash drives altogether (they are a common method of virus transmission from infected computers into the workplace network), prohibiting private communication from work accounts/phone numbers, etc.;
  • watch closely how you handle sensitive data. If you use cloud storage services, you might be willing to prioritize services that ensure not only high performance but also high-security standards. Note that even such global players like Dropbox had thousands of accounts compromised after hackers gained access to login credentials. Also, it would likely be reasonable to implement various levels of data access depending on the position of individual employees.

digital safety

Given the fulminant increase in the role of the Internet in the last decades, the stakes of adopting the appropriate security standards for individuals and businesses alike become higher and higher every year, a challenge that leaves all with no option other than addressing it.

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