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ACC delays start of fall season until Sept. 1: Non-revenue sports impacted

accThe ACC is delaying the start of Olympic sports for the 2020 fall season until Sept. 1, impacting cross country, field hockey, soccer and volleyball.

The move does not impact football, which begins Sept. 2 with a Thursday night game between N.C. State and Louisville.

The delay also doesn’t impact training or practices for fall sports.

In essence, the sports that don’t make money, that actually cost athletics departments money, those are getting pushed back.

The two weeks of games missed will be made up, or they won’t be.

It’s similar to the non-news from yesterday about the Ivy League pushing back the start of sports until Jan. 1.

The Ivy League doesn’t make money from intercollegiate athletics.

Not having a 2020 college football season is a tree falling in the woods with no one there to hear it.

The other non-news from college sports is Stanford cutting 11 non-revenue sports.

The headlines made it out to be all about COVID-19, but from a read of the actual report from the school, it was something that was in the works before March, with losses in the sports being cut a long-term issue that certainly wasn’t going to get any better in the current environment.

The current environment isn’t going to last forever.

The key takeaway, for now, is that football is still on for the fall, for now, until Duke tells us it’s not going to play, and then they’re off.

Story by Chris Graham

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