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Absentee ballot requests suggest strong interest in Waynesboro city elections

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Local elections across Virginia, including Waynesboro, are set for Tuesday, with the expectation that a good bit of the voting will be done by absentee ballot.

The interest in the Waynesboro City Council election seems to be strong, based on the number of requests for absentee ballots.

The number: 2,369, according to the city registrar’s office.

That is more than the number of total votes cast in any Waynesboro City Council election in eight years.

That high-water mark came in the 2012 city elections, which saw Frank Lucente defeat Lorie Smith by 130 votes of 2,822 votes cast for the at-large seat.

That election also had Tim Williams winning re-election in Ward A by 22 votes over James Serba, and Bruce Allen won re-election in Ward B by 409 votes over William Donaldson.

Allen is running for a fourth term in Ward B in Tuesday’s election, challenged by Marcia Geiger, a political newcomer.

Mayor Terry Short is running for a second term as the at-large representative on City Council, facing two opponents – former City Councilman DuBose Egleston, and Jim Wood.

The seat in Ward A is being contested by two challengers – Kanise Marshall and Lana Williams.

Story by Chris Graham

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