AAA: Gas prices up sharply in last week

AAA LogoGas prices have leaped by double digits in Virginia, climbing 14 cents within the week and 16 cents over the last month, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in Richmond rose to $2.40 per gallon on average today (April 28, 2015) when just last week it was $2.26 per gallon on average.  Nationally, the price of gasoline has also moved higher and today’s price of a gallon of gasoline is at its highest level of the year at $2.55 per gallon on average.

“Gas price increases across the nation are a product of rising global crude prices and the seasonal switch to the more expensive summer-blend of gasoline” said Tammy Arnette, Public Affairs Specialist for AAA Mid-Atlantic.  “In comparison to this same date last year, retail averages remain discounted here in the Richmond Metro Area.  Gas prices are down by $1.08, saving drivers $16-$38 with each fill-up,” added Arnette.

Although the recent rise in gas prices may be a bit agonizing, Richmond drivers are spared some of the more extreme gas prices in the country.  Virginia still holds steady as the 12th lowest in the country to buy gasoline unlike its neighbors to the north, the District of Columbia which is painfully ranked 11th highest in the country to buy gasoline. 

 TodayChange since YesterdayLast MonthLast YearWeek Ago Avg.

Up 1 cent

$2.43$3.70Up 9 cents

Up 2 cents

$2.23$3.52Up 8 cents

Up 1 cent

$2.23$3.48Up 7 cents

Up 3 cents

$2.22$3.55Up 8 cents

Up 3 cents

$2.24$3.48Up 14 cents

Up 1 cent

$2.19$3.44Up 6 cents

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