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AAA: Gas prices in 2011 highest ever

Motorists across the nation and in Virginia will have paid more, on average, for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in 2011 than ever before. With just three days left in the year, the national average price for gas in 2011 is close to $3.52 per gallon ,with Virginia’s average through today at a record high $3.41.

“As analysts look at everything from economic indicators and global developments to the most popular movies and photos of the year, motorists simply look at how they will continue to put gas in their cars in 2012,” said Martha Mitchell Meade, Manager of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “The average family in Virginia is predicted to have spent $4,544 on gas in 2011 as compared to $3,713 in 2010, an increase of $841 in just one year.”

While gas prices for the year are high, they have been dropping fairly steadily as the year draws to a close. Gas prices today in Virginia are 18 cents lower than they were on Nov. 1. Nationally prices are now 21 cents lower than the beginning of November.

Analyst Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst for the Oil Price Information Service, predicts that current lower prices will continue through the year’s end and into January when they will likely hit their lowest when demand is typically low. Kloza, however, predicts that prices could go up a full $1.00 from the lows in January as we head towards spring.

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