AAA: Gas prices holding steady as kids head back to school

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The national average price for a gallon of gas has held steady at $3.18 for seven days after reaching its highest point so far this year.

Today’s national average is a penny less than a week ago, two cents more than a month ago and $1.01 more than a year ago, according to AAA.

In Virginia, today’s average ($2.97) is down a penny from a week ago, the same as a month ago and 99 cents higher than a year ago.

During the run-up to Labor Day weekend, pump prices will likely continue to fluctuate due to high crude prices.

Gas demand typically drops considerably after the final holiday weekend of summer, bringing much needed relief to American drivers when they fill-up this fall.

Average price per gallon of self-serve, regular gasoline. 
Gas prices provided by AAA,

Today Weekly Change Last Month Last Year
National $3.18 No change $3.16 $2.17
Virginia $2.97 Down 1 cent $2.97 $1.98
Charlottesville $2.96 Down 1 cent $2.97 $1.99
Fredericksburg $2.98 Down 1 cent $2.98 $1.96
Harrisonburg $2.90 Down 1 cent $2.86 $1.98
Norfolk Area $2.95 Down 1 cent $2.96 $1.95
Richmond $2.97 No change $2.97 $1.97
Roanoke $2.92 Down 1 cent $2.92 $1.95


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