A winter staple

Story by Theresa Curry

grateful-season-feb-14.jpgI’ve been searching my kitchen cupboard for dinner ideas — a good strategy when everything at the market is from California or South America. I decided to cook some lentils even before I read today’s “Medscape” news. It seems that folate (an important vitamin found in greens, lentils, and other dried beans) plays a role in dementia, both Alzheimer’s disease and other types. In Korea, where greens are eaten more regularly than here, researchers found a pretty striking relationship between dementia and folate deficiency. Koreans in the study who were chronically short of this vitamin had 3.5 times the incidence of dementia as those who were dutifully eating their green vegetables. Just as interesting: those who had low folate levels — but weren’t considered deficient– were more likely to have dementia than those with higher levels of the vitamin.

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