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Ingersoll Hotels
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Located on Canada’s busiest highway, the town of Ingersoll is hard to miss. Situated on Ontario’s heartland, Ingersoll remains to be a warm and friendly town despite its cool winters. It has gained international stature as an ideal place to relax, work, or shop. The city’s heritage is unique, and is evident in several of its festivities, such as the Harvest Festival in the fall, the Canterbury Folk Festival in the summer, and the Festival of Lights in the winter. Although the festivities come in specific seasons, Ingersall has a variety of recreation and cultural amenities that can keep you busy throughout the year.

Things to Do

Ingersoll is gearing on getting fit. Tourists can join the fun journey by enlisting in a recreation centre, participating in a sports league, or joining a club albeit momentarily. Children and their parents will have hours and hours of fun at the community’s indoor pool, arena, and recreation center. Whether you are into lawn bowling, skateboarding, golf, curling, baseball, or soccer, there is literally at least one thing that will fit your taste. Fill your leisure hours by watching choral groups, or strolling through one of many museums.

Accommodation Tips

There are at least three hotels you should consider when it comes to a weekend stay. For the same rate, Elmhurst Inn and Spa offers you a chance to enhance your stay. Upon your arrival, a bottle of wine has been set up in your guest room, along with a chef’s signature cheese tray, a dozen roses, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Josie’s is a new place on the block. If you’re not really looking for fancy accommodations, its proximity to downtown Ingersoll may be what you’re looking for. Tourists can immediately walk to the post office, beer and liquor stores, downtown, banks, and grocery stores. Book your Ingersoll Hotels with Reservations.com.

When to Visit

Ingersoll’s Festival of Lights is one of the most anticipated events in town. Traditional Christmas themes, favorite characters, and more than 250 beautiful light display are hosted by the town’s wonderful winter festivity. During December, the city welcomes weekenders, bus tours, car loads, and families. During the last week of August, Ingersoll celebrates its own Harvest Festival. The event features scavenger hunts for kids, urban nights, hot dog days, fusion movie nights, fashion sidewalk sales, stand-up comedy evenings, competitions, demonstrations, petting zoos, and a variety of local entertainers and food contests. The Canterbury Folk Festival attracts thousands of fairgoers and medieval fans. Held on the first weekend of July, the celebration in the Yvonne Holmes Mott Memorial Park features crafts, dance, and music for the enjoyment of the town’s families.

Best Museums

Dedicated to the preservation, collection, exhibition, interpretation, and documentation of artifacts that reflect the town’s unique growth, the Ingersoll Cheese and Agricultural Museum has a collection that goes beyond its dairy industry. Memorabilia range from the area’s pre-pioneer settlement to present-day Ingersoll. Five unique buildings can be found within the establishment. The Cheese Factory was the first structure built, followed by a working blacksmith shop. The Sports Hall of Fame features Ontario’s local artists, which is found just alongside the Sherbrooke Barn and the Community Museum.

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