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A taste of the reporting business

Story by Chris Graham

tasteoftown2.gifI had this great idea.

See, I have these two interns, Erin Gutzwiller, a senior at Bridgewater College, and Faryal Zubair, a sophomore at Waynesboro High School.

Due to a scheduling quirk, I have both here in the office every Tuesday afternoon, which is great, because as it happens, I love having people fetch coffee for me on Tuesday afternoons.

tasteoftown3.gifThat’s called intern humor. They don’t actually fetch coffee for me.

No, I have them fetching Reese Cups and fitness waters for me.


So this past Tuesday afternoon, I was supposed to be out of the office – and over at Fairfax Hall in Waynesboro, serving as a celebrity chef at the annual Taste of the Town event sponsored by Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc.

tasteoftown7.gifWhich means I had a problem.

The kids were supposed to be learning all about the wonderful world of the media, after all.

And then I had a genius moment – my first one this year.

Give the girls a tape recorder and the office camera, and see what happens.

You can guess what happened.

No, they didn’t do one interview and then eat the rest of the night.

They actually worked pretty hard.

OK, among their 12 interview subjects was one of the people that I’m running against for a seat on Waynesboro City Council. And they talked to him specifically about his campaign for said seat on the city council.

Fair and balanced.

“Any time you get a chance to meet with voters, it’s always a good thing,” said the aforementioned opponent, Greg Bruno, who was also a celebrity chef at the Taste of the Town.

I will note that they didn’t interview me – either about my campaign or anything else.


tasteoftown4.gifThey talked to the police chief, Doug Davis, and learned that his fabulous caramel chocolate walnut pies included a few tablespoons of Irish whiskey to add some flavor.

Later it was Jeff Fife from the Waynesboro YMCA, who was pushing what he was calling a “light German chocolate cake” while also selling the interns on the notion that he was somehow plugging a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

And Shukri Simmons, who was plugging, and correctly, “the best barbecue in town, baby,” from his barbecue restaurant located in Downtown Waynesboro.

You can listen to today’s “Augusta Free Press Show” to hear more from their night out on the town.

All I can say is … sniff, sniff … I’m so proud of them.

And …

You know, I need another fitness water.


Chris Graham is the executive editor of The Augusta Free Press.

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