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A sports betting guide for beginners

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Sports betting has grown into a significant entertainment product for gamblers worldwide. Increased demand and new technologies have seen the sports betting industry snowball in recent decades. Bookmakers have developed player-centric approaches and features that make sports betting easier.

It’s now easier to find picks & predictions from experts along with other helpful information to base your decisions on. Even as a beginner, betting on sports is considerably convenient today. So how do you get into the action?

Learn how sports betting works

If you follow analysts and sports commentators, you’ll hear that sports betting is as straightforward as picking who will win or lose. Well, not quite. There’re a few things that take place behind the scenes. Bookmakers have to ensure they turn a profit, so they retain a bookie’s edge.

To get maximum returns, bookmakers calculate their odds keeping the house edge in mind. Different markets have different edges, and learning which sport has the lowest bookie’s edge improves your sportsbook winnings.


A key aspect of sports betting is planning. How much are you willing to spend on wagers? How much is your average bet? How often do you bet? All these are essential questions you should answer before joining a sportsbook. It helps to have a plan as sports betting can be addictive.

Being in control of your betting frequency and spending keeps you away from the path of addiction and spares your hard-earned cash.

Choose a betting site

The sports betting market has many bookmakers ranging from exceptional to average bookmakers and even outright rogue providers. The best way to choose a betting site fit for you is to explore the market widely. The beauty of sports betting is that you can have accounts with several sportsbooks and reap the benefits.

Reading reviews from experts and seasoned players is a good place to start. Also, checking the licensing jurisdiction of a sportsbook can tell you a lot about a site.

Create a niche

Not all markets will please you, just like you have preferences on the sports you follow. To gain the most out of online sites, you need to create a niche that you excel in. It may come as a shocker, but you’ll quickly learn that your favorite sport probably isn’t the easiest to bet on. As a fan of the game, sometimes emotion may cloud your judgment costing you your wagers.

Try out a couple of sports before deciding to go with one. Usually, sports with straightforward rules are the easiest to predict.

Story by Iris Sabor

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