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A multi-facetted road of entrepreneurship: JAntho CHO details the importance of altruism

Jalen Anthony Guase-Fishback (JAntho CHO), is a prolific musician, entrepreneur, and activist. He is most commonly known for his fundamental role in the creation and development of the eminent ‘CHO’ movement, as well as for his altruistic tendencies as a leading figure in his industry.

JAntho CHO’s personal history and work ethic

Born on October 25th, 1996, eminent musician and social activist JAntho CHO quickly understood the role that his prolifically diverse and multi-talented personality would play in his future career. From the young age of 5, JAntho CHO and his family noticed he had a rather rare affinity for a plethora of different specialities- a potential testament to his future potential to excel as an adult.

These included: a) video games, b) sports- such as football and basketball, c) 90’s cartoons, and d) music- which began by JAntho CHO self-learning the piano at the age of 12 as well as consistently engaging in his school’s prolific band classes.

Furthermore, CHO developed into a bilingual individual from a very young age as he became a fluent Spanish speaker by consistently attending academic seminars and following any relevant classes in order to proliferate his vocabulary and reinforce his knowledge regularly.

Unsurprisingly, JAntho CHO was the recipient of significant recognition towards the end of his school years. This is because he unsurprisingly adopted a holistically immersive mentality from a very young age and actively tried to market himself in the best way possible- handing out free CDs to a variety of different relatives and other known persons in his school.

Career proliferation: Next steps, influences, and the start of ‘CHO’

JAntho took the next big step in relation to the growth and development of his prominent career when he eventually started performing in live shows in (and around) the Midwest. This is because they allowed a prolific amount of Record label companies to ‘take note’ of CHO’s unique and multifaceted style of music; this eventually progressed into the aforementioned influential and dynamic ‘CHO’ movement.

This ‘multifaceted’ and unprecedented style of music was influenced by a variety of industry-leading figures. Unsurprisingly, these figures vary significantly and their past careers can span several years from each other (including Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Eryka Badhum, AC/DC and Bob Marley).

JAntho CHO’s first documented single, called ‘’Tell Me’’, was released in early 2016 and was received extremely well by CHO’s global fanbase. This was a crucial step for JAntho, as it highlighted his robust and unrivalled potential and consequently significantly motivated him in the further pursual, birth, and development of his ‘CHO’ music.

A further dive into the essence of ‘CHO’

JAntho CHO is additionally widely recognized for always assisting those in need, and providing a significant amount of donations to philanthropic causes which he is personally passionate about.

Arguably, this is once again portrayed in his CHO music which- in pragmatic terms, is about empowering individuals from a variety of different cultures and economic backgrounds and enabling them to scavenge their ‘ultimate power’ in life.

As briefly touched on above, JAntho CHO’s style of music is undoubtedly an unparalleled reflection of his own dynamic and multi-facetted personality.

With a history of extensive use and experimentation with psychedelic drugs, JAntho CHO took it for himself to use his prolific voice as an eminent musician to shed light on the topic. He credits psychedelics- in conjunction with his ‘Scorpio status, for allowing him to further ‘break away’ from all natural barriers imposed on him and achieve a prolific level of personal enlightenment and spirituality which he believes is reflected in his ‘CHO’ movement.

A final overview: Announcements

JAntho CHO is scheduled to release his much-awaited for Deluxe album named ‘CHOLo’ and then move on to release ‘Cloud 180 2’ in the next couple of weeks, before resuming his consistent live performances and events- scheduled for October 2021 at the Lost But Found Festival in Oklahoma and in April 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In itself, CHO is a reflection of my personality. It means to have self-actualized, understood or realized one’s full  potential’- JAntho CHO.

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