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A lazy man’s guide to writing

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A survey by Global Web Index suggests that internet users spend an average of 3 hours on social media channels. There has also been increased consumption of content, leading to high saturation on the internet. Knowing there is so much content available on the internet, standing out from the competition is pertinent.

How do you captivate your target audience using compelling writing techniques? With so many happenings on social media, the attention span of people is getting even shorter. It means that your writing samples must be as eye-catchy as it is interesting. More importantly, you must be able to build trust, eventually converting your passive audience to repeat readers. But excellent writing is quite technical; there has to be a simple formula to increase engagement.

Whether you are a short story writer or blogger, succinct writing commands the most attention and engagement. Attributed as the lazy man’s guide to writing, seven effective techniques in content creation will hone your writing skills.

Keep it short, keep it simple

As a lazy writer, you definitely won’t have the luxury of time to write long sentences or sophisticated phrases. If anything, readers prefer easy-to-read and straightforward texts. If you think your sentence is too long, you can break it into two. Apple’s sales copy features the fundamental groups of words, such as ‘Everything you need. Everywhere you go.”

Concise writing

Isn’t it surprising that clear and concise writers have the most following? Perhaps not. Once you overwhelm a reader, there is every chance they’ll abandon your page with the click of a mouse. If you want to convert your readers, you’ll have to learn to use less complicated words. In sales, for instance, your sales copy must be quick to read and understand enough to sway their decision. Essaysmatch enlists the skills of professional writers from whom these writing techniques originated.

Write like a friend

In copywriting, you have to see your audience as friends. Try to get personal with them, without losing interesting points. Continue to personalize the message and connect with the core of the reader by trying to solve their problems. For instance, ‘save time with the Bot app. Schedule your updates in one click’ sounds better than ‘the Bot app is out the latest invention, which allows helps you save time and schedule social media content on the go.’


Specificity is a common characteristic of impressive writing samples. Specific writing samples are more credible and believable. So, you may say ‘I made $1200 selling coupons’ than ‘I made more than $1000 in coupon sales’. By telling compelling stories, you won’t have a problem with building an active audience list.

Use active voice

The noun-verb-object pattern is most preferred in writing. Unlike passive voice, active voice engages the reader and communicates the message directly to them. You may also use passive voice sparingly in your text.

As you become a habitual writer, you must have imbibed conscious writing patterns. Part of them is complete editing of your manuscript, eliminating unnecessary words and phrases that may taint your skills. These lazy writing skills can spice up your articles or stories, and you don’t have to pay huge amounts to enlist professional help, as long as you stick to the script.

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