A great outfit for the special occasions

Looking great for that special occasion can be a bit daunting. From looking good and being comfortable to going with the theme of the event, finding the right attire might seem quite a hefty job. Choosing the right kurta is not that hard if you know the different styles in the market. Kurta Pajama have been worn for a very long time in India. They are both comfortable and stylish.

Where to wear kurta


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For any momentous occasion, be it family functions or religious ceremonies, kurta is the top choice in ethnic wear for Indian men. The aspect of comfort attached to it makes it appropriate apparel for occasions where you need to look good and be at ease at the same time!

Casual outings

Kurta is one of the most versatile apparels in a man’s wardrobe! For everyday wear, go for plain kurtas preferably made of cotton or linen. They are comfortable and durable for everyday use. Look out for solid colors like whites, black or blues. If matching jutis is not your thing, opt for denim jeans of your choice.

Kurtas work on all occasions. You can wear them to work, to play or to party. The style of the kurta needs to be appropriate for the event. Some designs are great for casual wear, while others featuring intricate designs are best suited for formal wear.


For a festival attire, experiment with your look. This is an occasion to stand out, so go for vibrant colors and outrageous design patterns. A sparkly pair of kurta pajamas over a glittery pair of jutis wrapped over with a jacket can be the ideal festive look for men.

Kurta materials

Kurtas are made from many types of fabrics. You can find them in cotton, linen, silk, wool, and gold threading. They also come in different price points. Cotton is the most affordable material, while silk and gold tend to be pricier.

Kurtas worn in the summer are made from thin silk and cotton fabrics. Winter kurtas need to be heavy; therefore, materials such as wool, linen, and Khalid silk are favored.

Tasseled ties, loops, and buttons are used as fasteners on kurtas. Buttons are made of wood or plastic. Kurtas worn on special occasions can have metal buttons made from gold or silver and decorated with jewels.

The most common way of decorating kurtas is using embroidery. Many kurtas will feature Chikan embroidery, which is executed on semi-transparent fabric in a matching thread. Prints and crocheting are also used in some designs.

Kurta styles

Kalidar kurtas

Kalidar Kurtas are worn on occasions like a wedding or engagements. This kurta features Chikan fabric and embroidery that is native to Uttar Pradesh state. The Kalidar Kurtas are stitched in straight plain designs and form a part of the regular wear for people residing in the city due to hot, humid weather during summers.

Hyderabadi kurta

The Hyderabadi Kurta, named after Hyderabad, the capital city of the Indian state of Telangana, is a traditional Kurta. A keyhole neck opening and thread work near the collar part distinguish it from other designs. The traditional Hyderabad Kurtas were made in white fabrics, but the modern ones have more color. You will find brightly colored kurtas in this style. They are mostly worn on weddings and religious occasions.

Bhopali kurta

This kurta is named after the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. This kurta is loose, has pleats at the waist, and is long enough to reach below the knees but ends above the ankle. This design is worn with straight pajamas and is an excellent casual style.

The Dogri kurta

This kurta is open in the front and flares down to the knees. It’s paired with churidars or denim jeans. This is an excellent kurta for casual wear; it’s understated and comfortable to wear as it strays from the traditional overlapping kurta. This is a unique style; it’s not tight that it’s constrictive; therefore, it’s great for everyday wear.

Sherwani kurta

The Sherwani Kurtas are heavily embroidered and come in deep shiny colors. They are preferred for weddings and special occasions. The tailoring on this style of kurta is immaculate with sharp shoulders, flares on the sides and Mandarin collars. They are fancy and generally made in fine silks and wools, thus quite expensive. They pair well with churidar pajamas.

Multani kurta

The origins of this style can be traced to Multan in Pakistan. This design uses crocheting to create intricate designs. You will find Ajrak prints on the fabrics used in making the Multani kurta. They are designed with a round neck and buttonholes on one side of the shoulder. This kurta is excellent for weddings and special occasions.

The modern kurta designs come in an array of colors from the traditional whites and grey tones to flamboyant colors like reds and greens. Some styles incorporate a jacket or waistcoat, which is worn over the top.

There are wide ranges of kurtas designs, each with its authenticity and uniqueness. Get a custom-made kurta for that particular function. These kurtas are purposefully designed to meet the requirements of that specific day. What’s great is that you don’t necessarily need to be Indian to enjoy the fashionable and custom look accrued by kurtas. Get yours today!


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