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A gift from the deep

Story by Theresa Curry

istock_000004635059xsmall_thumbnail.jpgFor years Greg Cole, professor at UCLA’s school of medicine and associate director of its Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, has been on the trail of the relationship between diet and Alzheimer’s Disease. He’s written about the effects of cucurmin (it’s usually called turmeric on the spice jar), and has been studying fish oil, known to destroy a certain protein at play in Alzheimer’s Disease.
In a recently released study in the Journal of Neuroscience, Cole and his colleagues report that the omega-3 fatty acid commonly called DHA, which is found in fish oil , increases a protein that’s lacking inAlzheimer’s patients. The fish oil protein (called LR11) also reduces the famous Alzheimer’s plaques, a key feature of the disease.

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