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A few engagement ring myths explained

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Believe it or not but there is huge pressure on guys when they are looking for an engagement ring for their partner. We believe that there shouldn’t be any kind of stress. The jewelry shopping for your loved one should be a stress-free and happy process.

To help you select the perfect ring for your partner on your big day, we are here with a few tips. We will make the shopping experience a little easier.

In this article, we have mentioned a few myths that people believe about engagement rings shopping which are completely untrue.

The Chain Jewelry Representative Know The Best

People believe that their jeweler knows everything. They trust them in every regard related to the specifications of certain gems or the quality of any piece of jewelry. The truth is, most of the jewelers are only sales representatives. These jewelers make sure to earn money and make their profit based on commission.

If you want to buy jewelry from a chain jewelry shop, then only visit them after doing your complete research and knowing what your partner will love. They cannot guide you properly even if they run a reputable store. They would not know or understand your girl’s preferences.

We would prefer you to go to an artisan or a shop that will create a custom ring for you. They will learn what your partners love and how well the created piece will suit them. They will also help you better understand the concept of engagement rings if you are running gout of your ideas.

The Proposal Should Be A Surprise

It definitely fascinates us all when we see the stereotypical and traditional marriage proposal in movies. The plan of the perfect and romantic date night, getting down on one knee, declaring a beautiful speech and then offering the ring. Realistically, surprising in this way is a very hard and confusing thing to do unless you and your partner have ever thought about your ideas on it.

It seems like the culture only revolves around marriage proposals and fancy weddings other than making sure that the bond is healthier and comfortable. You can let your partner know about your feelings. Ask them to share their preferences and tastes with you. This might not be ideal but this is a better option, practically.

There is no bigger disappointment than planning the perfect proposal but finding out your partner does not like the ring you chose. Know that the proposal can still be a surprise but the ring can be bought and ordered together. She will never know when you will make the move and how you’ll plan it.

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It is certainly a good idea to shop together for an engagement ring. Let your partner pick it for themself and burst out the biggest myth. Why putting up pressure on one person for something that should be fun for both?

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