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A drink to boost your day

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For thousands of years, people in Asia have been drinking ginseng tea, made of ginseng root, and green tea, made from dried leaves. Both teas were thought to be tonics for general health and well-being, offering extra energy and digestive assistance to individuals, among other advantages. Quick forward to modern times and you will find a message that is much more mixed. There have been no proven specific magical benefits, and whether teas are good for your body depends on how much you drink, what drugs you take, and how you react to caffeine.

What is ginseng?

Ginseng belongs to a category of plants that are adaptogenic, so it may deliver various mental and physical health benefits. Adaptogens are also described as plants that can help reduce all forms of stress naturally. Ginsenosides are the most studied and beneficial active compounds in ginseng.

Energy increase

Some people report mentally and physically feeling more alert after drinking ginseng and green teas, but the effects have not been confirmed by any scientific studies. While the amount of caffeine is much less than what is present in a standard cup of brewed coffee, part of the gain could be due to the caffeine in the tea. In an 8-ounce cup, coffee contains between 95 and 165 grams of caffeine, while the same amount of green tea contains between 25 and 29 grams.

A boosting drink

Ginseng tea may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it is very energizing and delicious for many herbal tea drinkers. It has a particular taste and can be bitter. Expect earthy notes, but not too strong. Put in some honey or lemon or ginger to improve the taste.

Or try ginseng tea capsules for your Tassimo machine. All the great taste and health benefits with the convenience and ease of modern kitchen brewing.

Story by Gina Quincello

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