A congressional campaign tithing?

Item by Chris Graham

You’re familiar with the concept of tithing. OK. You’re probably not familiar with the idea of a political campaign getting involved in tithing.

The Tom Perriello for Congress campaign is pioneering the concept locally. The Fifth District Democratic campaign is donating 10 percent of its volunteer hours to community-service projects across the wide expanse of the district.

It’s an interesting concept for an upstart campaign in a safe Republican district.

“I was raised to believe that a strong faith is a lived faith that must be made clear by our deeds. I want my campaign for Congress to reflect those same values,” Perriello said. “That is why we are asking our campaign team to commit 10 percent of their volunteer hours to local charities to reflect the value of service to community and to country.”

The Perriello campaign kicked off the initiative by tithing 42 hours to community-service projects over the weekend. Perriello has pledged that 10 percent of all volunteer hours will go to community-service projects from here on out.

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