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A closer look at the Portable North Pole app store

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The Christmas season is here yet again. Many children are expectant that Santa will send them some Christmas gifts. One app has been designed to send them customized video messages from Santa. The app is called PNP-Portable North Pole. Let’s look keenly at this app and see if it’s on ASO’s nice list.


A look at the app on the Apple App Store, it ranks #53 in the Entertainment category. However, when it comes to searches for “north pole,” it tops the list. A closer look also reveals that when it comes to terms such as “message from Santa” and “video chat Santa,” it is in the top five.

However, it ranks quite low for terms like “call Santa” (#13), “call Santa Claus” (#17), and “Christmas video maker” (#28).


Immediately you open the “Portable North Pole” app; you see a video advertising the App. There is hardly any in-app footage, unlike other apps in the App Store. In the video, Santa is seen calling a child. He then confirms to the child that she is on the nice list.

The app also shows seven screenshots of its different aspects. They include the ability to add information about the child as well as the gifts the child wants. There is also a new section that has kids’ features only and finally the call section.

The app still has more room for at least three screenshots, maybe a parents’ corner or Christmas games.

Title & Subtitle:

The app appears to have good use of the space that the App Store provides. Its full name ‘Portable North Pole™,” takes 26 out of the 30 characters provided by the App Store for a title. The subtitle, “Calls, Videos from Santa Claus,” makes use of all the 30 characters. Each of them has keywords that are relevant to the app.


Media reviews and praises are the first things that appear in the “Portable North Pole” app’s description. Such is very good for the reputation of the app. The reviews are followed by one paragraph about the app’s history.

The features are the next thing that you see. They are set out well, with each feature having a blurb going into it.

The failure by the app to have the introductory paragraph come as the first thing makes it not so clear. Generally, the description looks like part of ASO’s best practices, though not there.

Google Play

Looking at the app on Google Play, it is not ranked top for any keyword except its title. A search about “Santa message,” places it on the second-highest place, while a search on the words “parents calling Santa,” places it fifth. For “video Santa,” search, it’s the 14th highest app.


The creatives at the Google Play Store are similar to those in iOS. The only difference is the “personalize your message” screenshot.

Description & Metadata:

“Portable North Pole” description on Google Play is also similar to that of iOS. Due to this, it is not optimized for Google Play. This is because the keywords are not placed near the front of each line.

Overall, “Portable North Pole” is optimized in iOS but not in the Google Play.

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