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A bottle from the supermarket, or out of the wine cabinet?

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Most people buy a bottle of wine when they go shopping. Others always have a couple of bottles of wine at home. Where do you store these bottles?

You know how it goes when friends bring you a visit. You do your best and make a splendid meal. Finally, you go to the supermarket for buying some wine and you come home with two bottles in your Kipling backpack (translated to Dutch: kipling rugzak)

Sometimes you have to cool down the red wine

You place the bottles on the kitchen counter and you hope for the best. At the time you open them the temperature will probably right. Is that so? Most people think that you have to drink red wine at room temperature and the white one should come out of the refrigerator.

But do you know that red wine should not be over eighteen degrees? The room can easily be 21 degrees, so than the wine is too hot. In that case you should cool down the wine. You have to know that and you will be relieved if nobody complains.

Don’t be uncertain about the wine temperature

You can take it easier. By a wine fridge (translated to Dutch: wijnkoelkast 2 zones) you know for sure that the wine you take out of it has the right temperature to serve and drink it. No stress and uncertainty about the wine at the dinner table. Such as a built-in wine cabinet (translated to Dutch wijnkast inbouw) deserves a place in a modern kitchen. Some of these cabinets have different temperature-zones. Red wine and white wine should be surrounded by different temperatures. So it is always right.

A wine storage cabinet is as a wine cellar

A wine cabinet like a wine storage cabinet is something different. This works as a wine cellar . There is a stable temperature and climate for the wine.  Maturing the wine will be optimize. Mostly such a wine storage cabinet has a temperature of 12 degrees. Ideal to let the wine rest en grow.