A beginner’s guide to sports betting bonuses

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Even though bonuses and promotions are usually associated with online casinos, some bookmakers provide their players with freebies too. Sports betting platforms like https://campobet.com/hi/ have tons of offers and time-limited events for you to benefit from, but from the perspective of a freshman, the way these bonuses work is not obvious. Today, we will review the most popular types of promotions and elaborate on the most common bonus terms.

Types of bonuses

There are multiple ways the bookies give out freebies to their punters. In this section, we will elaborate on each of them, but it is worth mentioning that they are rarely available all at one sportsbook. In most cases, the sports betting site or app has only two or three types of offers that we are about to cover. The shortlist of types of betting bonuses includes:

  •   deposit bonuses;
  •   no deposit bonuses;
  •   reload bonuses;
  •   cashback offers;
  •   loyalty rewards;
  •   tournaments.

Deposit bonuses

As their name implies, these promotions always require you to make a deposit. The reward you will receive may vary depending on the offer selected. In most cases, you will either have the sum of your cash-in boosted by a specific percentage or receive a free bet of a fixed value. The most popular example of a deposit bonus is the welcome offer available at a lot of betting platforms. Other one-time deposit bonuses may include time-limited promotions that are launched every once in a while at most sportsbooks.

No deposit bonuses

This is probably the rarest type of bonus you may find at sportsbooks. The trend for no deposit bonuses comes from online casinos, where the players may receive some free spins to have a chance to start for free. Some betting operators provide new users with small free bets that may be grabbed without making a deposit.

The only downside of such offers is the strict terms applied to them. The so-called rollover requirements are applied to almost all freebies you can get at sportsbooks. This term will require you to pay the sum of your bonus through a specific number of times, and this number is typically higher with no deposit bonuses.

Reload bonuses

Essentially, reload bonuses are the same as deposit bonuses that we have already reviewed. The only difference with the reload promos is that they may be activated more than once. In most cases, such bonuses are available every week or every month. The maximum free value from these offers is usually lower than with one-time promotions, but the cumulative value may stack up quickly if they are activated persistently.

Cashback offers

The simplest of all promotions, cashback offers are exactly what you think. These offers will compensate for your losses, giving you a second chance in betting. Depending on the bookmaker, the sum of the cashback may be calculated based on the total sum of your deposits, your net weekly losses, or your turnover. The former option is the most beneficial, as you can theoretically gain more than you have deposited initially.

Loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs are only available on a few sports betting platforms, and each case is unique. In general, these are layered programs that allow you to progress through them by placing real money wagers. The higher your loyalty level, the better rewards you receive. The list of loyalty rewards varies a lot among bookies, but it may include exclusive promotions, better transaction terms, VIP cashback, and other benefits.


The last popular way of earning freebies on betting sites is participating in tournaments. Every registered punter is eligible to participate in tournaments, but the conditions are different with every bookmaker. In most cases, you will be able to earn tournament points by making real money bets. The users with the most points are placed on the leaderboard and receive major prizes accordingly.

Story by Alex Campbell


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