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A beginner’s guide to insurance

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Chances are you have heard the words “insurance” and “insurance company” thrown around quite a bit. Some people claim it is excellent protection against unprecedented times, while others criticize the whole mechanism as a scam. It creates an ambiguity that makes it challenging for you to discern the truth. This article will explain everything you need to know about insurance to help you detangle the confusion. If you consider taking out an insurance policy, you can also check out the list of best life insurance companies.

What is insurance?

People take all kinds of measures to stay safe. For instance, using seat belts, wearing masks during illness or pandemic, carrying an umbrella in the rain, using an inhaler, keeping an extra first-aid kit in their travel bag, having a medical emergency room at their school, having fast ambulance services and fire-fighters, etc. If you observe these little and significant acts, you realize that we spend most of our time protecting ourselves and our loved ones against the damage. All of these are a form of risk management because one could slip and break a foot in the rain, burn in the fire, suffer a stroke during driving, or wake up to the alarming news of a deadly contagious virus affecting the population.

Insurance is a popular measure for future protection and risk management. On a superficial level, it involves paying a premium regularly as a form of investment. So, if you suffer an injury or die, the company would cover your medical expenses, financial loss, and funeral costs. However, insurance is more complicated than that because several plans and types are available for a potential insurer.

Types of insurance

  • Car insurance

As the name suggests, people take out this type of insurance to protect their vehicle from financial loss. Hardly anyone plans to get into an accident, but it is common knowledge that sometimes situations are beyond your control. You may panic and act recklessly in a traffic jam, or you may, unfortunately, be stuck between reckless drivers. Either way, buying car insurance can help you with personal injury, deal with lawsuits and pay liabilities, and pay the repair costs for your car.

  • Health insurance

It is among the most common types of insurance policies, and many States legally require every citizen to have it. It is meant explicitly for medical expenses coverage. For instance, the recent pandemic has exponentially increased the death rate. Those who had life insurance could easily take multiple Covid tests, reserve emergency beds, and receive urgent professional care. Thus, health insurance is especially helpful in emergencies, and when there are scarce resources available.

  • Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is probably the most expensive type of insurance, but the expenses are justified once you consider the events it covers. In case any unprecedented event occurs, the company with deal with the costs. Moreover, your family or a beneficiary of your choice will receive a monetary benefit when you die. There is also a savings portion other than the death benefit, and once you have enough in your saving portion, you can take tax-free loans.

Story by Mia Marin

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