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9 Spanish wine labels you can indulge this holiday season

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Spain is the third most popular European country that produces elegant wine labels. The country got its winemaking inspiration from the neighboring territories France and Italy, the founders of the world’s largest viticulture. Nowadays, Spain has developed a notable wine label that you can mostly find in every wine cellars and shops.

Rioja is a specific wine region in Spain that makes top-notch wine labels that can go with other popular wine brands in the market. They develop large vineyard plantations and grow exclusive grape varietals. Their red grape varieties include Mazuelo, Garnacha Tinta, Graciano, and Tempranillo. For their white wine labels, their viticulture includes Garnacha Blanca, Malvasia, and Viura.

So, as you go along and discover the impressive craftsmanship of Spanish wines, it is a must to taste their wines. Hence, in this article, we would like to give you some of the finest Rioja Wines you can surely indulge. These Spanish wines will help you understand what Spain has to offer when it comes to their winemaking culture.

2007 R. Lopez Heredia Vina Bosconia Reserva

The 2007 R. Lopez Heredia Vina Bosconia Reserva is a Rioja wine label that came from Tempranillo grape varietal offers the best of Spanish wine making culture. It also exudes a mix of 5% Mazuelo and Graciano added by 10% Garnacha. Besides, this wine displays the ultimate aroma of tobacco, dill notes, and supple tannins.

2012 El Coto Rioja Coto de Imaz Gran Reserva

It is a Rioja label that displays optimum sweetness and aroma. This red wine label comes mostly from Tempranillo grape varietal that exudes a relaxed and well-aged texture.

The tenacity and density of this wine can impress every wine taster. The 2012 El Coto Rioja Coto de Imaz Gran Reserva came mostly from the elements of angled oak and dark fruits, offering a fresh, deep, and intense aroma.

2014 CVNE Cune Reserva

If you are looking for a Spanish red wine that offers the sweetest flavor, then it’s time to grab a bottle of 2014 CVNE Cune Reserva. It is a red wine that offers floral and berry aromas blended by the flavors of candied rose, vanilla, and woodsmoke.

2015 Palacios Remondo Propiedad

It is one of the vintage Spanish wine hat Rioja region has crafted. Aside from that, the grape varietals used to craft this wine undergoes organic farming. Once you drink a glass of this wine, you get the chance of savoring an earthy and juicy fruit flavors. Also, its tannin content creates a balsamic finish inside your palate.

2015 Muga Torre Muga

2015 Muga Torre Muga is another magical Spanish wine made from 80% Tempranillo and few ounces of Graciano and Mazuelo. It comes in a deep purple tone with combined elements from smoked earth, graphite, cedarwood, flowery incense, and black currants. Besides, it offers a concentrated and full-bodied aroma, which can last for a long time in your palate.

2017 Sierra de Toloño Rioja Blanco

The 2017 Sierra de Toloño Rioja Blanco is a Spanish white wine label that offers an exquisite yet beautiful flavor. It came from some of the natural elements such as salty soil, green apple, raw almonds, tart pears, dried flowers, and wild fennel.

The texture of this wine is a complex yet focused flavor, offering a well-concentrated grip in your palate. It is undoubtedly one of those impressive Spanish white wine labels you can grab and taste.

2004 CVNE Imperial Gran Reserva

The 2004 CVNE Imperial Gran Reserva is a Spanish red wine blend that offers a driving and in-depth taste. It has elements coming from tobacco, plum, mineral flavors, and licorice. The tannin content is chewy and firm whenever it reaches your tastebuds.

2010 La Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza

It is a Spanish red wine label that offers most of the natural ingredients found in the estate of Rioja. The elements of this wine include tar, cedar, dried cherries, cinnamon, vanilla, and sandalwood.

The tannin content is fine-grained and medium-bodied, which offers a subtle taste. Lastly, it has a fine texture, which can help you appreciate more Spanish wine label more.

2015 Alvaro Palacios Quinon de Valmira

If you are looking for another Spanish wine label that can captivate your palate, then 2015 Alvaro Palacios Quinon de Valmira comes as a perfect choice. It offers an exclusive taste of ingredients from flowers, fruits, and wild herbs. The taste of this wine offers pleasurable and symmetric finish.


Spanish wines are undoubtedly an ideal option you can make when it comes to white and red wine choices. Their wines offer variations of taste that will help you understand why Spanish winemaking has continuously evolved nowadays. Therefore, with the list of Rioja wines listed above, your ability to get the best Spanish wines is surely a piece of cake.

Tiffany Wagner is a full-time blogger and a wine enthusiast. She writes wine articles and reviews that will serve as a helpful guide for all consumers who want to pick an ideal wine label. Aside from that, she continuously partakes in wine tasting events that allow her to provide fresh ideas and critiques to her esteemed readers in line with the best wines available in the market.

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