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9 rules for how to make a perfect cup of coffee

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Taking a good cup of coffee in the morning just before setting out for the day’s work can set the tone for the day’s overall mood and activity. Instead of choosing the rather pricey option from the barista, why not try to make your coffee yourself at home? With the nine principles in this article, you can make yourself the perfect coffee to get your day started. But before we delve into the discussion of these rules, we will first intimate you with the three basic methods of making coffee.

  • The pour-over method: this is arguably one of the most popular coffee-making methods. It doesn’t involve many steps, and the process isn’t complex either.
  • French Press: this method allows you to make your aromatic coffee like a European.
  • Drip Coffee: With the early morning buzz and rush, no one really has the time to sit by a machine, for several minutes, to make a cup of coffee. Fast and perfect, nothing beats the simplicity of this method. All you need do is watch and wait, while the machine does the job. And guess what; you can even go stylish by getting a coffee and espresso maker combo – a singular machine that allows you to make your drip coffee as well as your espresso. This is a massive upgrade on the conventional drip coffee machine, as you no longer need to buy two separate machines.

Now to the rules:

Rule 1

Always buy fresh coffee beans

Coffee beans are indeed best when used within the first few days of roasting. One of the best ways to get fresh coffee beans is to buy from a local roaster near you. The two factors that affect the flavor of the coffee produced are oxygen and light. Hence, when you want to buy your beans, always ensure you opt for beans sold in sturdy, vacuum-sealed bags.

Rule 2

Maintain the freshness of your coffee

To keep your beans fresh, always store them in a sealed container. A glass canning jar or ceramic storage with seals are your best bet. Experts have always advised against storing your coffee beans in a refrigerator as the beans have the tendency to react with the moisture present in the fridge. And this will affect the quality of the coffee. As a rule, always buy a 5-7-day supply of fresh coffee beans at a time and store at normal room temperature.

Rule 3

Make a Good Selection of Your Coffee.

Not everyone knows where the best coffees come from. If you are one of those who don’t know, it is always good to ask, because you need to be sure you are selecting coffees that come from one of these sources only. Arabica bean coffees are more popular, and they have a more extensive range of flavor. However, in terms of cost, you can go for Robusta coffee beans. To get high-quality coffee, look for 100% pure Arabica coffee beans.

Rule 4

Grind your coffee

A fact about coffee making is that coffee starts to lose its quality and flavor almost immediately after it is ground. Coffees with the best taste are made from coffee beans ground before brewing.

Rule 5

Use Good Water

There is no greater threat to your coffee quality than the type of water used. Distilled water, softened water, or chlorinated water ruin the taste and quality of the coffee. People interested in getting high-quality coffee should opt for bottled spring water.

Rule 6

Avoid Low-Quality Filters

Cheap filters produce a low-quality coffee, while quality paper coffee filters produce a high-quality coffee. To filter your coffee, look for a dioxin-free or oxygen-bleached paper filter, as this can guarantee a high-quality result. Alternatively, you can use a gold platted filter to obtain a maximum flavored coffee.

Rule 7

Take a Sufficient Measure of Coffee

Take a standard measurement of your coffee to get the best out of it. The ideal measurement is two tablespoons to approximately 6-ounce of water.

Rule 8

Brew Your Coffee with Moderate Heat

Whenever you use water that is too hot to brew your coffee, what you get is a bitter taste rather than a pleasant taste. The preferred temperature for brewing your coffee is 200oF. Any temperature above this results in coffee with a bitter taste.

Rule 9

Maintain Clean Equipment

Always clean your storage facilities and grinders before and after brewing your coffee to prevent particles and deposits from ruining your coffee taste and flavor.