9 ridiculous dental myths exposed

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When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, there are many misconceptions among the people about basic dental care which does more damage than good hence we have debunked such myths below;

Myth #1:

To make your teeth cleaner, brush harder.


Many people are under the assumption that brushing too hard can clean the teeth better but in reality, it does more harm than good as it erodes the teeth enamel making your teeth sensitive. You should always be gentle and use a soft bristle to brush your teeth.

Myth #2:

Flossing is not important.


If you believe that only brushing is effective, then you are mistaken. Flossing can remove build-ups which brushing your teeth cannot remove hence do not forget to brush and floss to remove all the build-up.

Myth #3:

If your gums are bleeding due to flossing, leave them alone.


The reason your gums bleed is that of the lack of flossing. The toothbrush cannot reach between your teeth properly. This causes plaque and bacteria build-up which causes gum bleeding.

Myth #4:

Chewing sugar-free gum is as good as brushing.


If only chewing sugar-free gum can protect your teeth, then every kid in the world would be jumping from joy. There is no shortcut to brushing and flossing, chewing gum can help you to one extent but it definitely cannot replace the usual dental care.

Myth #5: 

Only too much intake of sweets can cause cavities.


Only sweet items do not cause cavities. Other food items such as chips and crackers can do worse to your teeth. Brush your teeth after you consume such starchy food.

Myth #6:

Correction Braces are always Ugly


Braces looked ugly in the olden days but today you can get your teeth corrected without being made fun of by others by asking your dentist to prescribe clear braces which is almost invisible to others and clear braces are very efficient as well.

Myth #7:

Brushing and flossing before visiting the dentist can make your negligence invisible


Brushing and flossing a few days before visiting a dentist is not going to wash away your months of negligence. There are certain teeth conditions caused due to bad dental care which cannot be reversed by just brushing and flossing.

Myth #8: 

If your tooth is sensitive, your enamel is worn.


Sensitivity can be caused due to many reasons, enamel loss is one of them but there are others such as a broken tooth, gum recession and use of whitening toothpaste. Hence do not assume that, instead, visit a dentist to know the root cause of your issue.

Myth #9: 

If you have no dental issues, you don’t need a dental check-up.


This myth is actually the biggest misconception of all as many dental issues do not give symptoms immediately. If you visit a dentist every six months, the problem can be detected much before the symptom arises and can be treated before it becomes serious.

Dental problems can be the most troublesome hence to have enough knowledge about the basic dental care can help prevent many future dental issues.

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