9 badass ways to accessorize your outfits with skulls

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Isn’t it ironic how some fashion trends always seem to stand the test of time? Normally, when something is called a fashion trend or said to be “in-vogue,” it is supposed to be out-of-vogue and become outdated after a while, right?

Perhaps not exactly!

Because if it were so, then traditional, staple fashion trends like skulls shouldn’t be making the rounds in the fashion world anymore. Come on, like seriously, these dead-heads blew the world over in the 60s, they were the stuffs of the tough men back in 80s, even the rock stars claimed they were theirs and theirs alone back in the 90s, and even in the early 20s, they were associated with bikers only.

But fast-forward to 2020 and fashionistas are still finding a way to accessorize with skulls. And guess what? The world is loving them for it.

So if you’re still sleeping on it and haven’t gotten your own set of skull-sets, then you need to hit the market and get one today because these scary little monsters aren’t going out of date ever.

But before you join the bandwagon of skull rockers, find out how the trend-setters are accessorizing their outfits with skulls so that you won’t be opting for a style that died with some rock stars back in the 70s.

Body jewelry

Want to remind those around you that “time is all they’ve got, and they need to make the most of it?” Then, discreetly add some skulls with your outfits, whether in the form of earrings, crossbones plugs, or bangles. Besides the fashion they bring, skulls are also a great a way of reminding ourselves that life is short, and as such, we need to enjoy it while it lasts.


Take your skull-loving style up a notch by getting some skull-branded bandanas. Thankfully, the fashion of bandana has evolved greatly in recent times, and you don’t have to wear or tie them around your head anymore, where their true beauty might be hidden. Nowadays, you can wrap them across your face, tuck them in your pocket, or use them as a pieces of jewelry. And to make them appear even more compelling, you should opt for a skull print one.


Rings pair nicely with outfits. We’ve always known that. But if you want to make an even bolder statement with your outfits, then you need to accessorize them with something a little bit more imposing like skull rings. Skull rings have been around for quite some time, and far from the average vintage stuffs in the fashion world, they have a special way of tying in the overall feel and look of your outfits.

Unlike regular ornaments, skull rings are a symbol of toughness, resilience, inner-strength, and fearlessness. You don’t get brushed aside when seen with one, your self-esteem goes on another level when you adorn your fingers with one, and you catch a super confidence boost whenever you accessorize your outfits with one.


Another wonderful way to add a feel of the skull into your outfit is by wearing a skull branded baseball, bucket, bowler or newsboy cap. Perhaps you’re not a big fan of bandanas but would still like to carry a sense of strength on your head wherever you go, then adding a skull-branded hat to your outfit collections can be a smart move.


If you’re going to a gathering where you wouldn’t mind showing off your belts, then you might want to consider going with something a little bit flashy and attention-calling. And what better way to do that than by wearing a flashy skull belt? Depending on your taste, you can opt for a belt that has skulls imprinted on the entire length of the leather, or you can go with a shiny skull belt buckle. Either way, you can expect to be greeted by some curious grins when you arrive at the venue.


Oh, skulls on shoes, what a match made in heaven. And before you begin to wonder what that’s likely to look like, you can just picture your shoes or shoelaces decorated with skulls. That’s exactly what a skull on shoe style looks like. In case you don’t really fancy any of the styles we’ve mentioned earlier, this can be a great way for you to add a sense of strength into every one of your step.

Cuff Links

I love this one in particular. Why? Because some folks still love to convince themselves that the reason why they aren’t wearing skull designs is because they are meant for bikers and rockers only.

But alas, even the corporate buddies and white-collar fellas are finding a way to add a bit of skull-feel into their outfits.

Discreet yet stylish, skull cuff links can bring that touch of strength to your shirt or suit.

Ties and Bowties

Similar to cuff links, skull ties and bowties can add that bad-guy look to your overall appearance. Typically, it is not unusual for people to lose themselves with solids and blunt tie designs while trying to stay all-official and corporate. But with a bit of skull filtered into your tie or bowtie design, you can transform what is ordinarily an average-looking solid tie into a vintage-style or classic-looking tie.

Nail Polish

I’ve intentionally reserved the last for the ladies because not too many of them are able to find ways to accessorize their outfits with skull designs.

But what better way is there to make a bold statement about your personality than by wearing a skull nail polish? Just like every regular nail polish palette, you can find a wide variety of skull nail polish to wear on different occasions. Just be sure to match your nails with the rest of your outfits

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