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8 ways to survive (and slay) a bachelorette party

bachelorette party
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If bachelorette party season has already started for you, you’re probably nonstop booking flights, looking at hotels, and packing your suitcases. Whether it’s your first time attending a bach party or you’re a seasoned vet, the fun and excitement of these big wild weekends can sometimes get to be overwhelming.

If you’re experiencing a little pre-trip anxiety, consider this your personal bachelorette survival kit. xo, Fetti has bach tricks can help you and your besties enjoy the weekend with as little stress as possible.

Get yourself a portable charger

Between all the calling, texting, selfie-snapping, and ride-sharing, your phone is inevitably going to run out of battery. Avoid that dreaded moment by investing in an inexpensive mini portable charger that you can stash in your Bride Tribe Fanny Pack to keep your phone going all night long.

Bring shoes that are both cute and practical

This is a lesson all girls have tried to learn a million times. Sometimes it feels literally impossible to choose the more comfortable heel over the one that makes the ‘fit. Do yourself a big favor and buy shoes that add to both your outfit and comfort the soles of your feet before the big weekend begins.

Make sure the bride is having fun

If the bride’s happy, everyone’s happy. If the bride’s sad, watch out. Ensure your girl is having the time of her life by taking the extra step to show her how special she is. Decorate her bedroom with over the top bachelorette supplies like pink foil curtains and balloons. Make sure her cup has a margarita in it and don’t be afraid to take the party up a notch with some fun bachelorette straws . Show her that you’ve got her back.

Sleep when you can

Bachelorette parties can be pretty nonstop, to say the absolute least. If you’re not getting the beauty sleep you desire after all of the late nights, squeeze some zzz’s in whenever you can. Taking an hour van ride to the winery? At the pool before everyone arrives? A couple 15 minutes snoozes can help you be ready with all energy when you need it.

Drink lots of water

Having a hangover means you’re definitely going to be dehydrated. Being dehydrated means you’re definitely going to being tired and fatigued. And being tired and fatigued definitely means your not going to be able to have as much fun. So what are you waiting for? Fill your bottle up with some Pedialyte and get to work.

Pack snacks to share

A great way to save money and to ensure you never go hungry is to pack some small yet filling snacks. Nuts, chocolate, and granola bars can be the perfect way to keep your energy level up between meals and ensure those 5 glasses of wine stay at bay.

Plan for your hangover

Let’s face it – you’re going to have a hangover at some point. So better to be safe than sorry and pack the bachelorette hangover kit essentials: Tylenol, Pedialyte, and a carby snack, like goldfish or saltines. Your roommate will thank you later.

Have cash on hand

This may seem so 2005 because cash seems like such a thing of the past, but when you’re at a bachelorette party it can be pretty common to need some bills here and there. Tipping, paying taxi drivers, and late-night food trucks are all super solid reasons to carry a couple $20s on you throughout the weekend.

Story by Allison Manolis

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