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8 simple remedies to get rid of wrinkles on your face

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Imagine that you have a ladies’ night out to attend with the girls, and they all agreed to meet at your place. Upon everybody’s arrival, you sight a friend approaching you in a wrinkled gown, what impression would you have of them? If they’re a close pal, you would definitely laugh at them and probably suggest that they go back home and change into something more appropriate.

Such is the extent to which wrinkles are odd to behold.

But that’s only on a dress; now imagine that your face is gradually becoming a crib for creases, what impression would you create in the mind of people?

Well, they would all think that you’re now aging and getting older and probably losing your physical attractiveness too! Not that you’re to be blamed, though. Wrinkles sometimes appear as a result of some uncontrollable factors such as sun exposure, pollution, anxiety, and stress.

However, you have an obligation to get rid of it. And you can achieve that through the application of some natural remedies that we’re going to share with you in this post. But if you want a more drastic and instant result, you should try to check out the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle programs on Beauty fix medspa.

Egg whites

The first natural anti-wrinkle remedy we’ll be recommending to you on this page is the use of egg whites. And that is because eggs – with their Vitamin B, E, and protein components – can do wonders on any aging skin.

All you have to do is break some eggs into a bowl and whip until it turns white, and apply it directly on your face. Massage lightly and leave it in for 15 minutes before washing away.

Alternatively, you can apply it without massaging. But when you do that, you should be ready to leave it in until it dries out before washing it away with warm water.

Olive oil

Since wrinkles are caused by a lack of moisture on the face, you can tackle this root cause by making your face as oily as possible so that it doesn’t get dry again. And the best natural remedy for that is olive oil.

Like with egg whites, all you need to do is massage a few drops of home olive oil on your skin every night before bed. After a while, some of the oil would have sunk into your skin, giving your skin the much-needed moisture it lacks. As for any remaining oil on your face, you can wipe it off using a towel.

Lemon juice

Even if you hate the smell of eggs or can’t find an olive oil store around you, at least you can get a few lemons from your fruit bag.

Now, just like you make your lemon juice (slicing and squeezing the lemons), make a portion of juice with a few lemons and apply directly on your face. But be careful not to make too much because excess lemon can be harmful to your face.

The acidic properties of this vitamin C-based fruit will heal those fine lines on your face and mitigate further wrinkle growth.

Aloe vera

One of the best natural anti-wrinkle remedies you can get around you is aloe vera. This unique plant, rich in malic acid, drastically improves the skin elasticity, thereby tackling one of the root causes of wrinkles and aging.

Just squeeze out some of its gel and apply directly on your face for 15 minutes or leave to dry out before washing off with warm water.

If you want a more drastic result, you can mix the gel with some Vitamin E oil before applying on your face.

A mixture of banana, avocado, and honey

Banana is another wonderful anti-wrinkle remedy that you may want to consider as parts of your early morning regimen. Mixed with avocado and honey, bananas can heal those fine lines on your face.

Every morning, mash two bananas and avocado until they form a paste and add a few drops of honey. Now apply it directly on your face and leave in for about half an hour before washing it off.


You’ve probably heard before now that carrots are an important part of any dieting procedure because of how rich they are in Vitamin K1, fiber, and beta carotene. But did you even know what their carotene content does?

Once in the body, beta carotene gets converted directly to Vitamin A (retinol), which helps promote healthy skin and mucus membranes.

Now when you mash carrots into pastes and apply directly on your face, it supplies you with beta carotene (a precursor of Vitamin A), thereby smoothening your wrinkled face and cutting out aging.


According to various studies, it has been established that wrinkles are caused by dead skin cells, absence of skin moisture, and poor skin elasticity. Thankfully, all of these are exactly what the enzymes in pineapple are known to fight.

Pineapples are naturally rich in fiber and antioxidants, and as a result, they make a great skin health remedy.


Finally, water is your best friend in this battle against wrinkles. With a sufficient amount of water in your body, your skin will be as hydrated as it needs to be, thereby cutting out poor elasticity and dryness.

For starters, you should try to drink at least two liters of water every day to keep your skin free of creases.

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