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8 reasons why your AC is not cooling

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On a hot summer day, the last thing you want is an air conditioner that doesn’t cool. The issue of air conditioners blowing out hot air can get on your nerves especially when you don’t know why this is happening. Though there are many reasons behind this problem, some can be technical while some are non-technical. This article lists the eight most common reasons your air conditioning unit is not cooling. Have a look.

1. Dirty air filter

One of the most common reasons for your window and split AC not cooling is the clogged air filters. The unclean air filter could cause several problems, such as improper functioning of the thermostat. It could block the passage of cool air inside the ducts. Additionally, the evaporator coil may freeze, eventually blocking the passage towards the outlet too.

2. Refrigerant levels

A refrigerant is a necessary fluid that absorbs heat from its surroundings. If your air conditioner has low refrigerant levels or is leaking, the AC may stop cooling. To ward off this issue, you must get your air conditioning service done at regular intervals.

3. Incorrect thermostat setting

If your air conditioner is not cooling correctly, check the thermostat settings. The thermostat could be at fault if the air conditioner blows out cool air and then warm air. You can switch the thermostat settings to auto mode whenever you face such a situation.

4. Leaks in ductwork

This issue is challenging to diagnose and could cost you both money and cold air. If there is a leak in the ductwork, the cold air will be filtered out into the walls before reaching the vents. Thus, your air conditioner will blow out warm air.

5. Defective compressor

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system and is responsible for cooling. It is a motor that compresses the coolant or refrigerant and allows the coolant to pass through evaporator and condenser coils. So, if your AC is not cooling, there’s a chance that the compressor is defective.

6. High atmospheric temperatures

An air conditioning unit has an ideal operating or surrounding temperature at which it works. If the ambient temperature goes up beyond the limit, the AC might not cool. Sometimes when the temperature shoots up, and it’s boiling outside, the compressor can stop working altogether.

7. Faulty parts

One of the other possible reasons behind AC not cooling, is technical defects like a faulty compressor capacitor, motors, bad thermistor, control board, choked capillary, etc.

8. An undersized AC

People make a common mistake; they buy an AC that fits into their budget but not into their rooms. An undersized AC in a huge room will not provide cooling in the peak summers. So, you must select the AC as per the size of your room.

Final words

These are some of the most common reasons why AC might not cool. So, to keep your AC working properly throughout the season and enhance its efficiency, we advise you to get the unit serviced regularly. This is because a non-serviced air conditioning unit can shoot up your electricity bills.

However, you can save the high electricity bills and expensive AC maintenance charges by making a one-time purchase of a home warranty plan. It offers discounted repair and replacements of your malfunctioned home systems and appliances. Contact the company when your covered unit breaks down, and an expert will reach out to your doorstep to fix it. Check out the top home warranty companies, and choose your best fit so that you can take adequate care of the system and save money in the long run.

Story by Victoria Baeker

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