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8 reasons to redesign your website

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You are probably aware of the fact that the first thing users do when visiting a web resource is paying attention to its appearance. And if they like it, they stay and continue to explore its content. But no matter how good your content is, no one will read it on a slow loading and old-fashioned resource.

Experts believe that even the best websites need to be updated once every 5-6 years. This process requires relatively small costs that are quickly paid off in the future. You can and should fight for your audience by using the latest trends and technologies.

What is a redesign?

If your website visitors cannot find the information they are interested in or get answers to their questions, there is a probability that your website has too bright, outdated design or boring content. To solve the issue, you need to redesign a few pages or even the whole online resource.

And don’t think that making visual design adjustments will be enough. Redesign often requires changing the website’s interface, adding new options, and, sometimes, even transferring a resource to a new CMS.

If you still have some doubts about this issue, here are 7 more reasons for modernization.

Your competitors have already done it

Does their website look like a brand-new toy compared to your platform? Do they have more traffic and sales? Well, it is not surprising, since people always like something new and trendy. In this case, you should not only catch up with competitors but work ahead. First, do a little homework. Analyze the pages of opponents and see what exactly they have changed. Don’t copy their ideas; just use them for inspiration. You don’t want to look exactly like anyone else. Nowadays, uniqueness is a crucial feature of high-ranked sites.

If you want visitors to like the new version of your web resource, make it bright and stylish. Web pages should grab attention, be memorable, and, at the same time, meet modern criteria. And don’t forget about convenience: users should be able to make a purchase in one click, easily find necessary information, and quickly follow useful links.

Craving for improvement

Every business owner wants to move with the times. Consider renewal as a new stage in your company’s development. As a result, you’ll get a lot of satisfied visitors, a bigger number of registrations, improved service, and sales increase. You also have a chance to upgrade the site’s usability: change the navigation system, add a chatbot, and introduce trendy things like stop motion animation or 360 virtual tours.

Here are some statistical reasons to start website modernization:

  • Conversion is less than 1%,
  • Bounce rate is more than 20% of the total

Business expansion

Active development of the company and the renewal of the product range are also important reasons for website renovation. Sooner or later, you will want to add new goods or services to the offer list. And if you don’t highlight them on the existing pages, how should the customers guess about them? So, you have two options here: make small changes after adding each new item or redesign the whole web resource and present the latest products on the upgraded version. We suggest the second option because it allows you to improve the navigation system and introduce useful sections like “New in”.

Technical errors

These errors don’t become visible immediately, but they negatively affect the quality of customer service. And when combined with an outdated design, they make an explosive mixture that causes inevitable sales decrease. Luckily, most of such errors can be identified and eliminated by conducting a careful technical audit and redesigning.

Teething troubles

If your web resource was created based on one of the common templates with a limited budget, don’t be surprised that it quickly became archaic and obsolete. What can you do in this case? Creating a new website can be technically simple but time-consuming and completely unprofitable. However, a competent redesign enables you to turn an old project into a unique, original, and even more interesting site than before. Thanks to the redesign, you will save your old, hard-won base and attract a huge number of new visitors at the same time.

Mobile responsiveness

You should already know that, when searched on mobile devices, mobile-friendly websites are ranked higher in the Google search result list. And if for some reason, your online resource still isn’t mobile-friendly, the redesign is the right method to correct this mistake. Adaptive web design and development is the best modern solution for business owners who want to get both mobile traffic and visits from desktop users. It allows your website to automatically adapt to the parameters of the device it is viewed on.

A significant plus of this technology is that you can use one URL for all devices, which saves developers from redirecting and users from the need to search for the mobile version of the site. Adaptive design is the most widespread way of designing mobile-friendly resources because it allows you to work on one site for all types of devices and provides significant savings in labor costs.

Slow loading

Slow loading site and product pages may be the reason why lots of your website visitors do not look at the products you offer. Most users leave websites that don’t open within 5 or 6 seconds. So, even if you have a very beautiful and user-friendly resource, the best products, and high-quality services, the low loading speed will make you lose customers.

To check your page loading speed, you can use services like Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and Dotcom-Tools.

Low Google ranking

Creating a website based on purchased templates may take minimal time and effort, but, as a result, you will get a non-unique resource that can have several “twins” all over the World Wide Web. This similarity is the main reason why the web page is placed outside the top list of the search results. Google’s search algorithm is set to pay special attention to the factor of uniqueness. If your site has it, then promotion is affordable, fast, and easy.


The need for a redesign occurs when your current site stops performing its main tasks. Modernization will allow users to see the company in a new light and make the web resource more attractive and convenient. After that, satisfied visitors will come back to you over and over again.

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