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8 festival outfits that aren’t basic

festival attire
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Festival season kicks in, and it smells like summer night freedom. In case you’ve missed that kind of vibe as badly as everyone else on the planet has, you are probably wondering how to make the most out of it right now.

The freedom to move, the freedom to dance, the freedom to express yourself and go with the flow – it’s kind of a special occasion as of today. So, how about making it an experience of a lifetime?

To help you out with the looks, today, we’ve gathered some pretty extraordinary outfit ideas that will make the next EDM summer festival a masterpiece to cherish. What’s more – you’ll unquestionably be a part of the show.

So, let’s talk about the summer rave outfits this summer deserves.

#1 A cut-out mini dress

A cut-out in the right spot can make any design look, feel, and vibe differently. And once you put that on a bodycon mini dress, you instantly get at least 100 bonus non-basic points.

What are we discussing here? Snug and streamlined spandex, covered with a chosen all-over print, and finished with a cheeky cut – under the breast, around the waist, on the side of the hips, or whatever looks and feels right to you. See? Basicness – denied.

#2 A full-body costume

Costumes and catsuits are the masters of the rave world ever since the rave world subsists. And, delightfully, they only get better in time.

The modernized full-body costumes come in diverse shapes and sizes – sleeveless, with long or short sleeves, different types of necklines, and variable zipping.

The best among them have a solid body-shaping construction that is non-see-through, squat-proof, pliable, and elastic. Add a hidden zipper on the back, plus a cruelly elegant mock neck, and what you get is nothing but pure perfection.

#3 A printed 2-piece set

The best thing about a two-piece set is that it will spare you the trouble of having to compile your styling all by yourself. All you need to do is choose the matching prints and go own the spotlight like you’re born for it.

The second massive advantage of choosing to show up in a matching set is the abundance of little details you can pick among. Booty shorts or full-length printed leggings? A boob tube or a long-sleeved top with cold shoulders? Perfection’s in the details, and you have all the freedom to trim your own understanding of epicness.

#4 A long maxi dress

Not every long dress is a prom dress, you know. And when it comes to rave, things can get pretty alternative.

One of the most noteworthy trends in rave fashion this summer is precisely a long maxi dress… But with a plot twist.

Imagine the flexible and lightweight design suited with a wide central opening from the waist down. Now visualize a pair of brute, high-waisted booty bottoms beneath it to complement the style.

Feel? We call that an inspiration to be gloriously alternative.

#5 Printed spandex leggings or booty shorts

Now that we’ve mentioned printed leggings and booty shorts let’s dig a bit deeper into that. They are stretchy, supportive, viciously looking, and often finished with a tummy-support waist to elevate both your experience and your confidence.

History has seen leggings and shorts being combined with literally everything. So, put your oversized tee on, maybe. Or your bra top instead? Actually, even a sweater or a shirt is fine, as long as you do a little bit of extra pattern planning.

Long live spandex leggings; long live rave shorts.

#6 A neon bodysuit

Shining brighter than the spotlight can evolve into something more than a random metaphor here. All you’ll need is a UV-reactive neon bodysuit that will literally make you glow in the dark.

Hot pink, bright electric green, baby blue, or an all-over print of a preferred motif – a neon bodysuit is anything but basic, and so will be you once you put the glam thing on.

#7 Or why not a thong bodysuit?!

Okay, how brave can you get exactly? Because cut-out thong bodysuits with a high hip design are a thing, as long as you dare.

In the tradition of rave culture, no bodysuit is the wrong bodysuit. It is all up to your personal preferences, while one thing is sure – the thong model will clearly un-basic you for life.

#8 An adult onesie

Borderline weird or borderline epic? And why not both?

Adult onesies look like pajamas, feel like pajamas… And serve as the literal best festival outfit in the universe! You can have them bodycon or extra spacious, with or without an added hood, and in a variety of distinct printed leitmotifs to round out your spaced-out concept.

Do you consider that epic? Wait until you find out that there are couples’ matching sets…

Are you ready for the party?

No matter the outfit you choose to show up in, this festival season is about to be ground-breaking and long-expected. Anyway, after a couple of years spent in living room style, it’s probably about time to get serious about festival fashion.

Because life is way too short to be basic – especially when the best days of it are concerned.

Story by Tereza Aleksieva

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