7 ways a business person can commend employees

Your employees and your team members are the most valuable assets you have in managing and running a successful business. This is always true when managing a business, as productivity is always a major concern for small businesses.


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However, employers cannot always blame their employees for lower productivity because they have a major part to play to ensure that their workforce or team members perform optimally. After all, the satisfaction received by employees plays a major role in increasing productivity which can have a positive effect on the company. Most of the time business persons think they lack the financial muscle or other things needed to meet the needs of their employees. But this is not always true. What is majorly needed by an employer to commend his employer is just a matter of better management practices. On the other hand, there are better strategies that require financial investment and the result is always a dramatic increase in employee productivity. Certain things that can motivate an employee for better productivity include awards, salary raise, promotion, incentive, recommendation for a course. The following are ways through which business persons can commend their employees


Studies show that incentives especially those that are nonmonetary, are very important tools for motivating employees. Incentives that can serve to motivate employees include training, academic advancements, recognition for promotion and advancements.  Employers need to recognize and reward the small inputs of employees in order to promote an environment where all employees and team members can successfully participate in. Other incentives which can serve to commend employee’s inputs include letter of recommendation, getting a time off from work, enhancement in personal fulfillment and appraisal from peers and management. This kind of gestures is one of the most effective ways to motivate an employee. When this is done with a combination of monetary rewards, these acts have potentials to satisfy the needs of team members or workforce.

Effective commendation from management

If there is any commendation needed for your employees to be successful on their job, then it needs to come from the management itself. This is a sign of good observation and such employee will realize that their efforts are not going unnoticed. Many people even prefer oral commendation and appreciation than any form of gifting because they feel loved and appreciated when they hear their praises being sung.

Financial commendation

According to survey, financial compensation is the most important factor that contributes to employee satisfaction on a current job. Money plays a major role in motivating employees to become more productive on their job. It is therefore common so say that most companies share their profits with their employees and team members in the form of incentives. Providing financial benefits to team members motivate them to be creative and to produce better service, better product, or to improve the quality of the organization process. It is important to make your team members or employees realize that whatsoever benefits you enjoy as an organization is thanks to their efforts. Having them understand this will create a sense of acceptance in the business to which they belong and will make them more committed and this will definitely increase the productivity in return.

Effective awards

When employees are motivated to carry out their job at the highest possible level of productivity, the company as a whole runs efficiently and the more positioned to achieve its goals. This is the opposite case for unmotivated workforces who may even create a negative vibe around an organization and may distract other employees from their assignment or task. For this reason, it is important for a business person to understand the power of reward and how it can motivate their employee to maximum productivity. A typical form of reward is the presentation of awards, which can happen maybe at the end of every financial year or based on any discretion of the business owners. Awards are very easy to come by, so getting them shouldn’t be so much of difficulty for anyone. Awards like Plaques, in particular, often have a major psychological impact on employees and you can get the best ones here.


The reward for hardworking team members should be a recommendation of the employee for a higher level of responsibility. Any member of an organization which has performed well on his current task definitely requires a recommendation for a higher one in terms of promotion. This off course will motivate the employee and other team member or workforce ensuring a positive competition among fellow colleagues and hence increase the productivity of all work forces in an organization.

Raise in salary

It is always a good decision to reward your team members and workforce for their hard work. One of the best ways of doing this is to give your best employees the raise deserved by them. Raises can be given annually in proportion to the contribution made either individually or collectively. It is always good to give employees raise on regular basis because it show the value you place on them and also it point to the fact that you appreciate their efforts in contributing to the progress of the company. A pay raise can boost morale, increase satisfaction by employees, encourage hard work, show more commitment, and on the long run increase the productivity of that particular employee.

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