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7 trendy bathroom faucet types that are also elegant

bathroom faucet

Like any other equipment in your bathroom, a stylish faucet also adds to its overall décor and appeal.

A bathroom faucet should be such that it complements the design of the sink, along with providing you with the necessary services. It should have proper controls on hot and cold water.

This article will talk about the seven most trendy bathroom faucets that can add that touch of elegance to your bathroom decoration. The trendiest of bathroom faucets available at Brisbane bathroom supplies include –

  1. Center set faucet: This is one of the most common bathroom faucets you will see in every other house. It has a small body from where you can get both hot and cold water. The design is elegant and looks comfortable, and is crafted by keeping in mind a single body piece only.
  2. Single handle faucet: This one exactly looks as its name suggests. It has only one handle, and the handle can be adjusted in the left-right direction to change the water temperature. It needs a significantly less mounting space and lesser area for drilling to secure the faucet. It is ideal for washbasins that are small as they can fit in a two-three inch area.
  3. Spread fit faucet: As the name suggests, this faucet is quite spread as it consists of three separate pieces. Each of them sticks out from your sink’s surface. The central spout controls the water temperature. The design is quite classy, and it looks great on traditional sinks that are a bit bigger. The overall look of this faucet is quite comfortable.
  4. Bridge faucet: This one has two separate water temperature control knobs with the central spout on the top of a bridge, created by joining the two knobs. This one is usually placed above your skin’s surface with the central fixture right in the middle. The design is unique, and the overall look is quite elegant too.
  5. Wall-mounted faucet: Depending on your bathroom organization, you can get wall-faucets. Here the spouts will be secured in your wall, and it perfectly compliments the floating sinks. You can place this one right above your sink with the help of your plumber and reorganize it depending on your needs.
  6. Sprinkle faucet: This one uses a unique spout as the water comes in a rectangular pattern instead of the regular cylindrical one. Here borders will go all along the spout’s sides with a flat body in the middle, which allows water to flow in such a unique pattern.
  7. Vessel faucets: Vessel sinks have become common in bathrooms these days. There is a dedicated faucet specially designed to fit them. These faucets are installed in the single hole present above the countertop. Here the central spout is much longer and can extend up to several inches above the basin. Here handles are placed on either on the sides or behind the central tap.

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