7 tips to best prepare your child for the SAT

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Give it a few more years, and your child will be on his or her way to taking those SATs. This period is probably one of the most stressful ones for any kid because it is a time when a teen will be facing immense pressure and stress to do well on those critical exams. Fortunately, parents are going to be there to support their children. If this is your first time helping your child prepare for the SATs, then here are a few tips to help prepare for it well so you can be proud and they can get into the school of their dreams.

Start the Studying Early

The first thing to do is to get your child to start studying early. You know how much trouble cramming can get you in. Your child has to strategize how to study and how to plan his or her schedule. Not only does starting early give them this opportunity, but it also gives your child a chance to take various practice tests early, so they can perfect these tests. If they’re not happy with their current scores, they can take the test again and try to improve. It gives a headstart on figuring out the areas where they are weak and what needs to be tackled in their next study session.

Create a Schedule

Another thing that you have to do is to make sure that they have a schedule to follow. This is very important because a schedule is what will help your child optimize the time to study and still have a balanced life. For example, the mornings can be dedicated to a certain subject such as math. Afternoons can be dedicated to English and writing, while the evenings can be dedicated to another subject. Of course, there also have to be certain breaks in between for a brain break for your child to do fun, stress relieving activities. As a part of the schedule, you also need to stress the importance of a sleep schedule because sleep is important in concentration.

Buy All the Necessary Prep Materials

Once that’s all done, you need to buy the necessary prep materials. You can buy a lot of SAT review books online or in bookstores. But first, you need to make sure you look at reviews to see which of these resources are the best. You can also buy SAT practice tests online that your teen can practice more accurately. It’s better to have numerous materials so that each can cover the weaknesses of the other.

Look for a Good Tutor

There are times when teens have difficulty studying on their own, especially if they are not that academically inclined. In this case, you need to make sure that you get your teen a good tutor. You can either get a tutor that’s recommended from a friend or get one from a tutorial center. This all depends on the learning style of your child. If your child responds better to group sessions, there are actually a number of tutorial centers that make group sessions available. But if your child responds to 1 on 1 session best, you can either get a private tutor or request a 1 on 1 session from the tutorial centers.

Don’t Forget Health and Wellness

Of course, you need to make sure that your child still remains healthy throughout this whole ordeal. This means that aside from just getting the right amount of sleep, your child also has to eat the right food, get exercise, and also get enough sunlight. This period cannot just be about studying or they will experience burnout. It also has to be about maintaining health while studying. Cook nutritious meals that consist of vegetables, meat, and fruit. Your child’s diet needs to be healthy, so he or she can concentrate and also avoid any illnesses.

Focus on Grammar

Not many people know this, but the majority of the questions on the SATs are actually grammar-related questions. That’s why you need to make sure you put emphasis on the English portion– especially reading comprehension and logic.

Consider Taking Both the ACT and the SAT

The ACT and the SAT are actually quite similar but do have some differences. The great thing about taking both is that your child will have more options since he or she already has two tests under their belt. Another advantage of taking both is that the first one can act as something like a practice test. You may not know beforehand which one will give an advantage that could make your child stand out to the admissions board.


If you consider these tips, then you’ll be able to help your child with the SAT. One of the key mistakes that most parents make during this time period is putting too much pressure on their children. While it is quite normal for children to feel pressure when they are studying for their SATs, it is the job of their parents to try to lessen that burden.

If the child is overly pressured, then it will be counterproductive. By having a cool head, your child will be able to absorb all of the lessons better. As we all know, being able to internalize the lessons will lead to higher chances of getting a good score.

As long as you apply these tactics when your kids study for their SATs, you should have no problem getting your teen to concentrate and study well. The results will eventually show when your teen gets the score that he or she wants.

Author Bio: Nick Johnson is an education expert and blogs mostly on higher education and public policy.

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