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7 tips for impressing employers

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Want to impress a potential new employer and get a place in their new up and coming business? These tips are here to help.

Work on developing a firm handshake

Don’t offer a sweaty or flimsy hand. Instead, make sure to give a firm handshake at interviews or when meeting with prospective employers, that includes one to two pumps from your elbow to your hand. This demonstrates confidence and sets a good tone for your interview.

Be serious

You could seal your fate if you approach an initial interview too casually. Especially if you do this with a screening interview from the company’s human resources department. When you are seeking a job you should treat every interview you have as if it is your only opportunity to sell yourself to the recruiter.


If you are invited to a job interview for a position you really aren’t interested in, you should still attend the interview. It will give you valuable interview practice and help you gain contacts for other job opportunities in the future. You should hire a CV writer to increase your chances of getting more interviews.

Be enthusiastic

When attending interviews, make sure to have a positive attitude. Most interviewers will not consider anyone who has a negative attitude or appears to need to be talked into a job. The interview is your chance to sell yourself, and your positive approach shows what you will be bringing to the office every day. A friendly demeanor and smile will go a long way towards impressing the interviewer and company you are applying at.

Ask questions

When you are interviewing for a new job, it is critical to have a few questions planned to ask the prospective employer. Some of the questions you could ask include: Do you have any concerns that I can clear up to be considered a leading candidate? What is the most important thing that I can do within the first 90 days of my working on the job to help the company? What are some of the biggest challenges?  What to do you consider the ideal background to be for this position?

Tell a story

The interviewer will want to know about your experience and skills, but will also want to know more about you. Don’t just give routine answers to the questions you are asked. Instead, use anecdotes or stories about yourself to answer questions. Interesting people are remembered. Prove your worth by tailoring your stories to address the major concern of the interview: What can you do for our company?

Show restraint

During your interview, the things that you don’t say might be just as important as the things that you do say. As a general rule, you should not discuss benefits and money, especially at a first interview. You should know already if the job fits your qualifications. Don’t badmouth past employers. Complainers are not hired by companies. Don’t mention part-time jobs or outside career goals. Employers are searching for individuals who want to be a part of their company for a long time.

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