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7 tips for effective business advertising 

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Advertising is the engine of trade, and these words are known not only to sellers but also to buyers. Indeed, it is often because of the beauty of the ad or the originality of the commercial that we choose in favor of a product or service. So here are 7 tips for effective advertising for your business.

1. Be Consistent

According to statisticians and marketers, consistency and frequency are the keys to advertising success. Suppose a person for a long time at the same place on the newspaper page sees an advertisement for a company. Then, when he has a requirement of a similar product, most likely, he will turn to this company. As this person developed trust in this particular company due to consistency.

According to scientists, the average person starts to notice a specific ad after seeing it for the third time. And the order of the service or product itself occurs approximately after the 12th contact.

2. Stick to Your Style

If you plan to look for clients through several channels: newspapers, radio, television, the Internet, advertising posters, set the task for responsible employees immediately. This will help not only help you in the reputation management but also develop a unified style of presenting the information.

All your company’s advertising messages must be consistent in the same literary, sound, and visual style. Then each message will reinforce and complement the previous one.

3. Do Not Rush to Praise Advertisers

Experienced business people know: often interesting, delightful, original advertising lessons have great success with viewers. But they do not bring the expected result in the sale of goods or services. Therefore, do not rush to order and pay for the whole advertising campaign at once.

Pick one company and see how it works. If an advertisement has convinced you to buy a product, try to find the PR people who created it. PR Fire is another firm that can assist you in reaching the right audience through the wide-spreading of the advertisement.

4. Focus on Your Brand Name

One of the keys to a successful ad campaign is focusing on your brand name. If the ad is in a newspaper, then the title should be in the headline. If it is on television, then the logo or packaging must be shown for at least 5 seconds. Not emphasizing the brand is like hiding your products from consumers.

5. Become a Consumer

Before launching a new advertisement in print or air, try to look at it through the eyes of the average consumer. To get an idea about the advertisement effectiveness, look at it from a costumer’s perspective and create a strategy for a better growth. Then analyze would it win your trust, would it push you to buy, and most importantly – would any rejection in people.

6. Test the Advertisement

It would be better to test the ad on focus group people – regular consumers. Do not be lazy to be personally present during the test: observe the reaction of people, ask them clarifying questions. Don’t have money for full-scale research? Ask friends, acquaintances, or neighbors to help you. The main thing is, to be honest: don’t ask leading questions and don’t suggest answers.

7. Don’t Hide the Price

Some businessmen do not realize that some customers are frightened away not by the price of their goods or services, but by its absence. To find out, you need to search for the company’s website or call the office of the company – which is just too lazy for some to do.


Follow these rules – and soon you will see that the advertising budget is spent much more efficiently and the advertising itself has become much more effective. But do not forget that a person uses your product or service, advertising is enough. If you want to make a customer a loyal customer, make sure that the advertisement does not lie.

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