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7 surprising benefits of getting double eyelids

outdoor shower womanIn the last few months, I’ve had more people asking me what the double eyelid surgery price Singapore is than what is my name.

Lots of people are asking this question because Asians are finally starting to figure that Blepharoplasty is one of the fastest ways to make their eyes more attractive.

Intended for enhancing the eye by creating an upper eyelid crease, Blepharoplasty has the ability to restore beauty to anyone’s face. And it does this by accentuating the shape of the eye, making them look more defined, bigger, and awake.

In this article, we want to explore some surprising benefits of this procedure.

Types of double eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty can either come as incisional or a nonincisional double eyelid surgery. The latter is good for people with thin skin or minor sagging eyelids. And the former is best for people with saggy skin and excess fat around their eyelids.

Surprising benefits of getting double eyelids

1. Improved vision

I know you’re surprised to hear that, but it’s the truth. Not everything about double eyelids revolves around beautification. Getting another lid on top of the one you already have can greatly improve your vision, too.

I know you’re probably asking yourself: how is that even possible? Well, as we already pointed out earlier, having double eyelids makes the eyes generally bigger and more awake.

When your eyes are bigger, what comes next? Of course, you begin to see better and clearer.

2. Helps deal with forehead wrinkles

Another surprising discovery we have for you is that having a single eyelid might be the reason you have wrinkles on your forehead.

Usually, when our eyes feel heavy, we try to raise our eyebrows in an attempt to see clearly. Whenever we do this, we fold the excess skin on the upper area of the eyes – unknowingly, of course.

When this becomes a habit, we start to notice some deep creases on top of our forehead.

Thankfully, one can easily stop this brow-bunching habit (and thus remove the forehead wrinkling that comes with it) by removing the extra weight of fats on our eyes.

3. Makes you look more awake and less tired

It’s not uncommon to see people looking like they’re feeling sleepy or tired even when they are completely awake and active. We see such people every day around us.

The reason behind this is that these people carry an extra amount of excess skin around their eyes, which contributes to the puffiness on top of their eyes and bags below their eyes.

Maybe you, too, are like that. Anyways, getting double eyelid surgery can help fix things.

Looking like you’re tired or sleepy even when you’re not can give off a wrong impression about you, especially if you work in a corporate environment. People will think you’re lazy!

4. It harmonizes your face

It doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear; if there’s something off about your eyes, it will impact your overall outlook.

This is because our eyes are the focal point of our faces.

Meanwhile, double eyelid surgery will improve facial harmony by slightly enlarging the eyes and creating a better balance with other facial features.

5. It helps you look and stay younger

Double eyelid surgery also helps with eliminating bags, wrinkles, and other unnecessary creases around the eyes, all of which are amongst the biggest contributors to aging.

Usually, as we age, some of the fats around our eyes start to sag and droop downwards, thus making us appear older.

By removing this excess fat, droopy skin, and lax muscles above and below your eyes, Blepharoplasty helps one wind back the clock.

6. Helps your face to give a better impression

Sometimes, people read meanings to facial expressions. Just by looking at your face, someone could assume you’re angry at them, displeased at what they said, or unimpressed by them. This could make them feel disrespected or get other wrong impressions.

Imagine if the person was your spouse, boss, or colleague at work. These wrong impressions could result in episodes of misunderstanding and arguments.

Luckily, double eyelid surgery can help eliminate all of that.

7. Makes your eyes brighter

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the rest of your face looks; if you have a dull-looking eye, your overall outlook will appear, well, not so beautiful.

Unfortunately, when you carry an extra amount of fats on your eyes, it becomes impossible to sustain a bright-looking eye.

This is because the extra weight of fat puts pressure on the eyes, forcing them to open just faintly.

The result?

Light is impeded from entering the eyes. And without these lights, the human eye loses the illumination its irises need to get color. This can dull the look of your eyes.

By “opening the drapes” – something achieved in double eyelid surgery – you permit more lights into your eyes, thus giving your eyeballs a brighter look and feel.

Story by Uday Tank

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