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7 reasons to outsource tech support service

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Outsourcing is not a new notion. Nevertheless, experts are still arguing about its positive and negative effect on businesses. Both devotees and critics of outsourcing are right. In cases when all the requirements are met, outsourcing brings more good than harm. Let’s find out what these requirements are and what benefits your business can get in case you do everything right.

Before we get into it, let’s make sure that we have a similar understanding of the term “outsourcing.”

What’s outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process of passing your inner business processes to a third-party team or company that isn’t a part of your organization. This type of cooperation entails partnerships on the basis of a treaty that regulates your cooperation and relationships.

Don’t be confused with the term “offshoring” when an organization opens its branch or department in another country with the purpose of cutting costs or reaching a better talent pool. When a company has an office offshore, this office is still a part of an organization with people employed according to the legislation of the country it’s situated in.

Despite a long list of critics, there are a lot of world-known companies that openly outsource their IT tasks to other companies. Among the most famous ones are Alibaba, Basecamp, GitHub, Google, and Skype. But what makes these companies charge their tasks over other companies? We believe these are the following seven reasons.

Top 7 reasons to outsource tech support services

Our list of top benefits for outsourced technical support services is formed from CEOs’ interviews of the mentioned companies and some reports by such trustworthy companies as Deloitte, PwC, etc. Let’s dive in.

Reason 1. Cost efficiency

This is probably the most obvious reason to pass your business tasks to a third-party vendor. Yet, it can’t be neglected. The vast majority of startups consider outsourcing as the only possible solution for themselves. When your budget is minimal, getting cost-effective software development or support services is exactly what you need.

However, not only young companies choose this approach. A lot of well-established enterprises shifted to outsourcing since the pandemic hit the world.

“Companies are combating the effects of COVID-19 on their businesses by striving for financial stability through revenue generation and outsourcing of non-core functions.” – Kikis Pissarides, Manager, Business Process Solutions at Deloitte

The economy is possible not only because the services cost less. Companies that choose this approach don’t need to employ staff, pay rent for an office, and a lot of other operational costs.

Reason 2. Time-saving

If you choose to hire an in-house team, you need to employ people, find an office, register your company as an employer, and more. All this takes time. In case you have a brilliant startup idea, time is what you lack. Your task is to be first to launch your product to the market to get your share.

When working with an external team, they can start fulfilling tasks for you straightforwardly, wasting no minute. The thing is, you hire a team that has all specialists on board who are used to working with each other. More than that, these companies usually have a well-tuned workflow that allows them to elicit all their clients’ requirements and start working immediately.

Reason 3. High quality

When opting for an external team, you are no longer limited to your town and even country. You can choose a team from any area you feel like. These can even be people with MIT Master’s Degrees. Outsourcing provides you with an unlimited talent pool where you can find a service provider with the necessary service quality to every taste and budget.

Reason 4. Ability to focus on what matters most

No matter if you’re a young startup or an established company, you should always be focused on the tasks that bring maximum value to your business. Outsourcing allows you to pass all secondary tasks to a reliable vendor and focus on assessments that are more important.

In business, there can be a lot of short-term or one-time jobs that are easier to pass to a professional team than to open a part-time job position for it.

Reason 5. Easier scaling

With a laser focus on the core tasks and the ability to get as much technical support as you need, you can scale your business easier. No need to think about opening another bigger office or hiring and training more personnel. All the technical issues will be handled by a team of professionals.

Reason 6. More technologies to choose from

When thinking about your business in terms of in-house workers, you are limited with those people and their knowledge of who you can find in your area. If you consider outsourcing, you can think broader and choose the technology stack to give your software product and your business a competitive edge.

Thus, you’ll be able to find specialists who work with the latest technologies and the most modern tools and create a product that is much more advanced than the one you could create with your in-house workers.

Reason 7. Better expertise

When partnering with a development team, you can get consultations not only concerning the product, features, and technologies but the business in general.

The outsourcing companies deal with dozens of startups and enterprises and know a lot about business. They can help you prepare a pitch deck and advise you where to find investors.

The parting thought

Outsourcing is a beneficial deal if you have a reliable partner and prepared your company for this event. With the right plan and attitude, you can get all the mentioned advantages.

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