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7 important things to do after a car accident

new carIf you’ve just had a car accident, then you know you’ve got a lot on your plate. The aftermath of a car accident can be a hectic time and sometimes it’s confusing to know what you should focus on doing first. However, there are several things you need to take care of as soon as you’ve had the accident and in the time period immediately following the accident.

Here’s our list of the 7 most important things you need to do.

  1. Check for injuries

Easily the most important thing that you need to do immediately is make sure that you, and no one else who was in the accident with you, are injured. If you were riding with passengers, make sure they are okay and don’t forget to check the driver of the other car. It may not be immediately obvious that someone is hurt, as shock can mask symptoms, but you need to be aware that internal injuries can be life threatening so many sure you call for help.

  1. Notify the police

If your accident is bad enough, the police will be there before you know it. However, if an accident seems minor, you still need to notify police that it happened. There are reports that need to be filled out and it is better that this happens sooner rather than later so that none of the important details are forgotten. This needs to be done so that if you end up in court at a future date, you have covered all your bases.

  1. Document everything

If there’s nothing stopping you, you need to start documenting everything about your accident as soon as you can. You need to take pictures of everything, including the cars involved and the section of the street in which the accident occurred. Try to make sure you document everything that can back-up your side of the story, as your insurance company will use this to assign fault. Include photographs of street signs and lane markings in order to support your version of events.

  1. Exchange information with the other driver

Make sure that before you leave the scene you exchange details with the driver of the other car. This is very important for any follow up that you need to do, and your insurance company will need the information as well. The other driver might tell you that they want to keep the insurance companies out of it, mostly because then it will mean your insurance premiums don’t go up, however this rarely works out well every single time. By exchanging, information you can still follow up with your insurance company after the accident.

  1. Call your insurance company

No matter how the other party wants to handle things, you really should let your insurance company know. I mean, that’s why you have insurance, right? Insurance companies are extremely helpful in guiding you through the process of making sure you have everything to make a successful claim. They will also advise you not to admit guilt or to sign any agreements before they’ve had a chance to see the evidence. If you’ve followed all the tips thus far, then you’ve got everything you need to satisfy your insurance company, so let them take the lead on this. They’ve got your back.

  1. Keep a log

It’s not just at the time of the accident where it’s important to document everything. In the days and weeks following your accident, you should continue to keep records of everything you have had to do since. You should compile a folder full of evidence that you need to support your claim. This could include things like receipts for car repairs and medical bills, which will help in settling your claim.

  1. Hire an attorney

The thing about insurance is, you can only expect to be paid out to the limit of the policy of the person who is at fault. If they don’t have very good insurance, then you might be thinking that you can’t be compensated for the injuries you’ve sustained. This isn’t always true. If you decide you want to take the other party to court, then you can call a personal injury lawyer, like Dallas Car Accident Lawyers. Usually, these lawyers will accept payment as a percentage of the sum you win in court, in this will lessen the burden for you immensely.

If you’ve just had an accident, don’t panic. Sure, there is a lot to take care of, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. You need time to rest and heal from your injuries, so in order to make sure you have a smooth recovery period, be sure to follow this guide on what to do after you have an accident.

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