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7 essential oils you need in your daily routine for a healthier you

What are essential oils?

essential oils
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You must have heard about essential oils, at least I have – a hundred times. Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from stems of plants, leaves, and flowers. They retain the scent and flavor of the plant and provide a wide variety of therapeutic benefits.

They are used in Aromatherapy for therapeutic benefits. When you inhale the oil, the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves to the brain and impact the amygdala (the brain’s emotional center).

Essential oils created by a liquid supplement manufacturer is used for numerous things, whether to smell good or to help us sleep. Here are seven essential oils that you should include in your daily routine for better health and how to use them.

  1. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a popular one, and you probably have heard of it many times before. If you ask me, Lavender oil rocks! Who doesn’t like lavenders?

It provides all sorts of benefits, but it is mostly used to relieve stress and anxiety. The floral scent allows people to relax and sleep easily. It has been found that breathing helps alleviate headaches. It calms you down and brings peace into a room and decreases the discomfort.

How to use it: Mix lavender oil with a carrier oil and massage them into your skin or add it to your bath. You can also sprinkle a few drops of it and inhale its aroma or add the lavender oil to a diffuser or vaporizer and watch it do wonders relaxing you!

  1. Rosemary oil

Rosemary Oil is worth considering if you have poor circulation as it helps increase circulations by expanding your blood vessels and make it easier for blood to reach. Furthermore, it can ease your stress as it reduces cortisol, which is a hormone that can harm your body.

On top of all this, it is a natural alternative to treat your hair loss and to grow your hair. How; you ask? It improves circulation, preventing hair follicles from being deprived of blood supply leading to hair loss. Various benefits from just one oil!

How to use it: The most straightforward way is to inhale it from the bottle, obviously, or place drops on a cloth and hold it near your face. For your hair, you can buy a shampoo with rosemary oil or even make it at home! Finally, you can apply it to the bottom of the big toe for headaches and the inner arch for kidneys and adrenal glands.

  1. Orange oil

Orange essential oil is a great mood booster and an anxiety reliever. It reduces the pulse rate and stress hormone levels. Small studies have shown that aromatherapy is used to help with short-term pain with its uplifting and relaxing effect. It creates a warm environment and energizes the resilience of the immune system. When massaged with it, your blood flow can increase, which relieves the inflammation and headaches. It also helps with digestion problems.

How to use it: Add the orange essential oil into a spray and spray as you desired. Make a massage oil combined with orange essential oil and massage it for muscle relaxation.

  1. Clary sage oil

The clean and refreshing scent of clary sage oil has the power to fight depression as it induces the feeling of joy and happiness. If in a diluted form, it may positively impact bacteria and could be an effective treatment for wounds. It widens the blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure.

How to use it: Apply it on the heels for your ovaries and reproductive system, and on the abdomen for menstrual cramps. Adding a few drops to the bathwater and bathing in it can soothe sore muscles and boost your mood.

  1. Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil protects you against diarrhea and fluid accumulation in your intestines. It was seen from a study found that if applied to the abdomen, it helps to pass gas and get their appetite back quicker.
It also significantly reduces depression symptoms after a while of treatment.
Its potent antioxidant properties strengthen your immune system and fight against infections.

How to use it: It can be done in various ways, such as putting drops in the bath, applying the chamomile cream on your skin, or the affected area.

  1. Lemon oil

Lemon Oil is one of the oils that are used in aromatherapy as a natural analgesic. It helps our bodies interpret pain and not panic. The antioxidant properties and Vitamin C in it play a significant role if you are having trouble breathing and want to breathe easier. Due to the same properties, it promotes faster healing. Furthermore, it boosts your mood, and you can stay alerted in boring lectures with its help!

How to use it: It can be used by diffusing or applying it topically. Applying it behind the ears can help in headaches, dizziness, and anxiety. If you have earaches, apply it on the bottom of your pinky toe, and use it on the sole of your foot for asthma and coughs.

  1. Jasmine oil

Jasmine flowers, how beautiful are they? Its sweet fragrance is a treat for our nose. Likewise, Jasmine Oil is a treat for our health. It is known to transmit messages to the limbic system, a brain region that controls emotions. It leads to improved mood, anxiety, nausea, and sleep. Used in aromatherapy, it increases heart rate and your immune function as well as reduce stress levels.

How to use it: It can be applied in numerous ways, such as in a diffuser or inhaled directly from the bottle or mixed with a carrier oil and spread.


There you have it; the countless benefits of essential oils. All of them are quite similar to each other but, at the same time, provide numerous variety of services, which is why you should include them in your daily routine so you can relax and stay healthy!


Story by Robert Carney.