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7 easy ways to make money online

Living life, making money on your own terms from your own home with nothing but a computer a fresh idea is a dream that plenty of people have, but are yet to realise. But why not make that dream into a reality?

Whether you’re wanting to start a whole new career or, fancy part-timing to save up for something special or could do with a couple of extra bucks to help you through school – our reasons are all different, but the goal is the same. We want to make easy money online.

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There’s never been a better time to create a business. We have constant contact with all corners of the globe, we can find the answer to any questions and when push comes to shove, we can even make money online with the help of the internet.

Providing you’re reading this, that little dream of being financially free without a so-called job might be close enough to grasp, all you need to do is take the first step. Maybe you’re unsettled on an idea, maybe your mind is completely blank or maybe you just need that extra push to get you started.

Whatever your situation and whatever your reasoning, you’ll be more than a little bit happy to know that there’s plenty of easy ways to make money online. Here are just 7 of the easiest ways I’ve found to make some extra pennies online:

  1. Enter competitions

We’re gonna start this list with something that everyone will be able to get stuck into, online competitions.

The thinking behind this one is simple. With countless competitions scattered all over the web, it’s only a matter of time before you’re gonna bag yourself a win. It might seem a little tedious, but set yourself an hour or so every day of nothing but competition applications and see what happens.

You never know, someone has to win them, right?

  1. Become an eBay seller

Next up on the list, something that’s a little less down to chance, but something that’s equally as simple and easy, providing you know what you’re doing – it’s the online auction giant eBay.

eBay is a fantastic place to spend your time if you’re looking to make easy money online. Simply set up a free account on the site and start listing your auctions and buy-it-nows. But what should I sell, I hear you shout…Well, anything!

It’s always easier to sell something that you like, you use or that you’re passionate about, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A popular choice is to find a small area of goods on eBay where a niche appears to have opened. Maybe it’s yoga mats, maybe it’s Mr T action figures. Whatever floats your boat.

From here, place an order with a wholesaler from Alibaba and list the products on eBay. Before long you’ll have amassed a small yoga mat empire. Easy.

  1. Play casino games

Switching back to the risk comes the idea of playing casino games to try and win your fortune online.

Beware that with casino games comes a decent-sized chunk of risk so it’s far from a sure thing – but focus on the skill-based games (like poker) and there’s a chance that playing at casinos could turn into a lucrative pastime. Before you sign up for an online casino, you should check out sign up bonuses online (my personal favorite referral sites is OCG.)

Poor odds games such as roulette and slots should be avoided if you’re not doing it for fun because of the simple rule of averages surrounding the games. You’re not supposed to win, so why would you be expecting to? That’s just asking for trouble!

  1. Turn to Fiverr

If you’ve got any form of digital-based skill that you’d like to pursue (or think people would pay a little money for) it’s a great idea to jump on Fiverr to show what you can offer the world.

If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s best explained as a online shop where everything you buy is custom. There are countless sellers in countless categories offering their services for a small fee. With everything from graphic design to personalised video messages, there’s something for everybody to sell on the site.

Head on over to the site and have a look around to see what skills you can offer the world and you’ll be paid for your time. Don’t be put off by the name either, although the site started off with $5 as the only payment for services, there’s now no limit with countless pros also advertising their services.

Worth a look if you don’t mind working for a living!

  1. Try your hand at writing

Reckon you’ve got a bit of a knack with the written word? Put it to use!

There’s plenty of sites that are calling out for writers in all kinds of different niches. Whether your passion is travel or fitness, manga or baking or just about anything else in between, the chances that you’ll be able to write about what you want and make a living off of it is pretty likely – even if you’re charging a little less than you’d like to get started.

There are a plethora of ways to get yourself out there too, from using sites such as Fiverr, UpWork and Freelancer to simple cold emails to companies that take your fancy. The sky really is the limit, get good and you might be sat in Bali holding a cocktail in one hand and typing with the other – at least that’s my dream anyway…

  1. Build a blog

Struggling to find the clients for your new totally original writing idea, it’s probably time to give up and get a real job then. Orrrrr, you could just make your own blog about whatever you may fancy.

By building a blog and keeping up with daily consistent posting, you can attract traffic to a site and very nicely convert that traffic into profit. There are countless ways to make money with a blog, from running advertisements to product placements and affiliate links.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in, it’s key to note that this is maybe the most difficult of the easy way to make money online. But nothing’s impossible. Stick in, keep consistent and you will see the results.

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