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7 digital marketing strategies to help you during coronavirus pandemic

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Businesses all over the world have been greatly affected in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Our economy has taken a big hit, and it may take a while to recover from the setback. If you watch the constant coronavirus updates, you may start feeling that the situation will never get better. However, if you think optimistically, you may start seeing opportunities even during this challenging time.

For your convenience here we have compiled a list full of digital marketing ideas that may come useful in the present situation.

  1. Connect with your customers via social media

During this time when we are locked in our houses, take out the time to empathize with others. This is a sensitive period and you must not act too salesy. However, you must keep an eye open for opportunities where you can project your brand. Since the lockdown, people are spending 3-7 hours on special media, a day! Surely you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Remember that the current situation is more in need of support, and social media is the best means of reaching out to the masses from your home itself.

  1. Make sure you have a good online presence

Though it seems that the world has come to a stop, that’s hardly true. You must utilize this time to form search engine optimization strategies and try to rank higher in the results. This will help your potential customers to find you more easily.

In the 21st century, you cannot survive if you are hidden online. Having an online presence will let you operate from your home itself. You can also shift your business to an online module if it’s possible.

  1. Stay ahead of your competition

Search engine optimization also helps in staying ahead of your competition. Keep searching for relevant keywords to rank better in the search results. This is essentially a means to stay ahead in the competition.

Another thing about SEO is that your website and its content needs to be updated on a constant basis. Just because the nation is under lockdown doesn’t mean you have to halt your SEO campaign. It may happen that some of your competitors make the mistake of pulling back. Hence, this is the perfect time to work hard in order to lead the race.

  1. Guest blogging

Without a doubt, guest blogging is the best digital marketing strategy in the 21st century. If for some reason you haven’t tried guest blogging for your business yet, the lockdown period is the best time to do so. Spend your time in quality writing, take help from affordable guest blogging services and bingo! Make a mark of your expertise on other web properties.

You just need to publish a blog post promoting your brand on a third-party website. Don’t forget to include a backlink to your website. This will not only help in improving your brand’s credibility but also assist you in building long-lasting relationships with the client base.

  1. Don’t forget to use local SEO

Now that people are forbidden to travel, they are constantly looking for nearby supplies and stores. In such a case, you need to make sure that your business is making proper use of local SEO. The need of the hour is to optimize your website for ‘near me’ searches.

Another way of improving your local SEO is to add positive reviews about your business. As already mentioned, this is a time when you can establish connections for the future. Hence, your aim must be to serve right and you might be rewarded with an amazing review from a happy customer.

  1. Avoid making any panicky decisions

How many hand sanitizer bottles do you have at home? If you have hysterically stocked your closet, my advice would be not to make any such mistakes in your business.

Of course, the present situation will lead to a shift in trends, but you must make every move wisely. Sudden reactions won’t be helpful in the view of digital marketing.

  1. Catch up with your pending work

Now that you don’t have a packed-up schedule full of in-person meetings, take out the time to catch up with all the work you have been stalling for a while.

Your website may need a fresh look or you may think about more strategies on how to turn leads into customers.

Over to you …

We understand that working in the present situation may prove to be difficult. Amidst the stress and panicky environment, your brain might not be able to function its best. However, you must understand that right now you need to prepare your business for the sudden shift that is about to come as soon as the lockdown is lifted.