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7 common dishwasher problems you can’t ignore


We all love our dishwashers. It’s a machine that cleans all our dishes and saves so much of our time, energy and patience. It makes our lives so convenient on a daily basis. It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without a dishwasher.

It’s true that dishwashers clean and dry the dishes automatically. But, it can’t repair itself. Nor can it speak out a glitch (or a problem). Yes, dishwashers do encounter internal glitches more frequently than what one might think.

So, we must be alert.

Look for signs of a potential hiccup in the dishwasher’s functions. Here, we list down the 7 common dishwasher problems you can’t ignore.

1. Dishes aren’t cleaned well

The main aim of a dishwasher is to provide clean dishes. If the dishes don’t come out clean, the dishwasher fails terribly. The food stains, grease, oil, waste particles etc. points to unclean utensils.

Stack the dishes well in the dishwasher and use good detergents. If the problem still persists, there is some problem with the dishwasher.

2. Rust inside the dishwasher

There are two issues with rust in the dishwasher. Firstly, it can mix with the cleaning water and leave rust particles on the plates. So, utensils remain dirty even if they appear clean.

Second, the dishwasher can’t tolerate mechanical strain. High energy water can damage or even break the rusted part of the machine.

3. Water problems in the dishwasher

Two water problems are possible in your dishwasher. Sometimes, the water in the dishwasher is too low. Sometimes it’s too much.

Dirt or debris can accumulate in the dishwasher lines. When the inner valve clogs, enough water won’t come out. Hence, the dishes won’t come out fully clean. So, it is advised to get the drains cleaned regularly.

Excess water can result from a broken tube or valve. When there’s too much water, it can fill in the dishwasher. We get standing water. This water can make the plates float around and the dishes will end up breaking. Also, the water can even cause a short circuit. It is quite dangerous.

4. The dishwasher doesn’t drain

Often, the dishwasher doesn’t drain out the water. Such a problem arises when the drain pump doesn’t function properly. The water collects inside the dishwasher that results in the dishes being stuck for a long time.

On opening the dishwasher, the water spills out to the kitchen floor. The dishes might also break. What a waste it would be!

5. The dishwasher smells

One fine day, your dishwasher starts smelling. Why is it so? Probably, because some food particles got stuck in the pipes or the dishwasher floor. The food particles rot and start smelling bad. It can even mix with the water in the next cleaning cycle. It can make the dishes dirty.

So, clean the dishwasher thoroughly. It is good to know the various components of the dishwasher to handle such problems.

6. The door doesn’t latch

The door keeps the dishwasher intact. If it doesn’t latch, the dishwasher doesn’t run properly. The food, detergent and water can spill out at times.

A door which doesn’t close is still a big problem. In such cases, check if something is stuck near the door hinge. You can also check for any physical damage on the door.

7. The dishwasher makes loud noises

We all know that no dishwasher is silent. Yet, if you hear loud screeching or rumbling noises from the dishwasher, this is a sign of some serious mechanical error.
It is possible that the valves or pipes might have broken, or spray arms might have loosened up, or the bearings might have come off. It is best to not use the dishwasher unless it is repaired.


Dishwashers are an absolute necessity in our busy age and time. It is easy to solve some problems mentioned like removing the stuck food/debris. Although, some problems need a professional opinion such as the overfilling of water or noises from the dishwasher.

We advise you to not ignore the above problems and consult a professional at the earliest.

Story by Gary Horner

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