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6 ways to support moms with Down syndrome children

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Being a parent to a Down syndrome child is certainly not an easy job. Seeing how much struggle and hardship the mother has to face, we realize how strong and determined they are. If you happen to know a mom with a Down syndrome child, then these are some tips to send your encouragement and care.

We know living with a child with disability demands so much time, energy and immense love. However, there are still many other aspects of that life that we cannot see. The family will always appreciate any form of support and motivation from others. In order for them to have as much fun and enjoyment in life as others, we also have to do our part and show that we care whenever possible.

Helping a mom with Down syndrome child: What to remember

No family with a Down syndrome child is like one another. Some families find that their life is not very much affected by an addition of a disabled family member. For other families, their lives are turned around completely. But there’s no doubt that life with a Down syndrome patient will be full of ups and downs.

At the same time, no two Down syndrome children are completely similar. They have different physical and emotional demands, which will require different parenting methods. Thus, knowing how to support a family that has a kid with Down syndrome also requires a bit of research. Treat the mom with respect, let the kid know how unique they are, and see them as a person first rather than someone with special needs.

Down syndrome people have proven to the world that they can achieve things that were believed to be out of their reach. They have more capability than anyone can imagine. With constant encouragement, there’s no doubt that Down syndrome children can accomplish so much in life.

Therefore, it’s important to give regular support to these families. Your message of love will help them get through any difficulties with determination, letting both the mom and the kid find more happiness in life.

6 ways to encourage a mom with Down syndrome kid

1. Get them a Down syndrome awareness shirt

A wonderful way to help the mother of the Down syndrome child feel great about themselves is by getting them awareness apparel. You can find many Down syndrome awareness shirts on site like Hyperfavor, where you can customize it to the child and mother’s name. They have a wide variety of unique Down syndrome awareness clothing for you to choose from.

With meaningful quotes and powerful designs, this collection of Down syndrome awareness shirts will remind the moms of how strong they are. The apparel will also let everyone know that they’re a proud mom of a child with Down syndrome.

2. Help them with housework

Juggling between being a special needs mom and taking care of other family matters can be very stressful. Once in a while, you can offer a hand and help them tidy up the house, take their pet on a walk for them, or cook them a great meal. This can let the mom relax for a moment and recharge their energy. They’ll very much appreciate your simple yet thoughtful gesture.

3. Book an unwind session for them

If you can’t find the time to come over and help, you can provide another method of relaxing to the mother with a Down syndrome kid. A spa day or a massage will be a way to show that you care about their well-being. All that extra work can be hard on their body, and it’s never a wrong time to take a little break.

4. Babysit for them

If you’ve done your research and are confident about taking care of a special needs child, you can offer to babysit for the mother. That way, the mom will have time to do anything they want, without having to constantly worry about their kid. Make sure to ask them any necessary information about tending a Down syndrome child, so that you’ll know how to handle different situations.

5. Listen to their struggle

Stress and mental instability might be unavoidable in a life with a special needs child. The mom will definitely need a person who understands them to share their trouble with. You can be there to provide advice, or just let them vent out. What’s important is that they know they’re not alone, and someone will support them no matter what.

6. Give them a vacation they deserve

A short trip to let the family relax and enjoy a wonderful time together will be the perfect gift. Many families with Down syndrome children are too nervous when they leave the comfort of their home, not realizing a change of air is what they need.

You can help with the organization and booking arrangement, but can also offer to pay for the trip. It’s an occasion to change the atmosphere and let both the parents and the kid have new experiences together.

Story by Olivia Stephens

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